27 March 2022

Allotment Adventures

Took Eko to the allotment yesterday and what a clever and brave boy he was

Ever since Eko was a tiny puppy getting him onto our allotment without upsetting him has been virtually impossible, so he's not been down there very often as he gets so very stressed out

To get to our allotment we have to go down a long narrow alleyway, on one side there are approx 8 large dogs of various breeds barking ferociously and throwing themselves at the fence, it's like running the gauntlet every time we visit

Eko laying on grass tucking into a chew held between his front paws with a look of total bliss on his face
Eko laying on grass tucking into a chew held between his front paws with a look of total bliss on his face
Boris has always totally ignored them and we've never had any issues, but Eko is terrified of the alleyway and who can blame him

I've tried unsuccessfully over the years to encourage Eko to walk down there, occasionally we've succeeded but only a few times

At some point last year the family and their dogs were evicted from the house and the alleyway is now and area of peace and tranquility

It's taken a lot of time and patience for Eko to learn it's now safe to walk down the alleyway without stressing out about the dogs and what's going on behind the fence 

Yesterday for the first time ever he didn't hesitate when we got there and happily trotted down the alleyway like he'd been doing it his whole life and didn't even look at the fence once

Now I hope that if and when new people move in they don't have a dog(s) and if they do, I hope they don't charge the fence and set Eko's progress back 🤞

Eko really enjoyed being out in the sunshine on the allotment yesterday as he worked his way through some of his favourite chews to keep him busy and prevent him from helping me with the digging
Dawn Boris & Eko



  1. I'm glad EKO had a good time, every pup deserves that.

    1. Hes such a sweet boy, I used to hate leaving him at home, but hed get so scared going down there it just wasnt fair on him xxx


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