07 June 2022

The Queens Platinum Jubilee Weekend

This weekend at Dogstival was a very special moment for The Boys and I

Too finally be able to meet everyone from Paleo Ridge face to face, especially Esther and Will who we've got to know quite well over the phone and via emails was just amazing

Photo Description:- Boris and Eko sitting in front of the Paleo Ridge stand wearing their Union Jack bandanas 
Eko flashed those sweet puppy dog eyes of his and everybody from Paleo Ridge was immediately under his spell

The Boys have been fed on Paleo Ridge for approx four and a half years now, we made the change to raw on vets advice because Boris had developed a nasty skin condition called Staph Pseudintermedius

Within the first week of switching to raw I could see that Boris's skin was drying out and starting to improve enormously, the improvements to his coat and skin just kept coming, Paleo Ridge worked so well for Boris that we stuck with it and nowadays his skin problem hardly ever troubles him

We we so excited when we were asked to became Brand Ambassadors for Paleo Ridge a short while before Covid ground the whole world to a halt, we love being Ambassadors as Paleo Ridge have a fantastic ethos of only using ethically raised meat with full traceability and all packaging is recyclable, they have also won many awards within the raw pet food industry 

When the world started to open up again my mum had a stoke and I became her full time carer, which took a while for all of us to adjust to our new normal, it was such hard work and I was so busy that I still never got a chance to meet anybody from Paleo Ridge

Luckily mums health started to improve and we were able to try a weekend away when Paleo Ridge kindly invited us to Dogstival as their guests, mum was fine about it and Romsey was close enough that if anything happened and mum needed me I could be back home again within 90 minutes

Photo Description:- Boris and Eko sitting in front of a huge sign that says RAW WOOF next to the Paleo Ridge stand at Dogstival 
Whilst we were at Dogstival we stayed at Green Hill Farm Holiday Village for a long weekend, it was so restful to be able have a short term break away from being my mums full time carer and I think mum secretly enjoyed the break from me too

It was a great weekend in so many ways and we caught up with so many of our Instagram friends and followers. I hope to update you again with more of what we did that weekend very soon


Authors Note:- As a Brand Ambassador I pay a discounted rate for our food each fortnight, this in no way alters my opinion of Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food. I was a customer for a long time before being invited to become a Brand Ambassador, we would never put our name to a product we don't fully support or believe in 



  1. It sounds like you had a really, really good time.

    1. It was great to get away and just be myself for a few days, plus the dogs ate their bodyweight of treats and food too xxx


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