07 September 2022

Good News at Last

After months of pushing for my dad to have Knee Replacement surgery as his leg is so bowed the hospital finally rang yesterday to say that they had a cancellation and could finally fit dad's knee replacement surgery in this coming Monday

He's needed a new knee for the past 10 years or more and can barely walk these days as his leg is so badly bowed
So we're off to his pre-assessment appointment this afternoon, talk about short notice
No idea what's going to happen re mum whilst he's in hospital and during his recovery, but we'll figure it out one crisis at a time like we always do

Hopefully dads been doing his pre surgery physio, he always says he has whenever I ask him, but I've never actually seen him do it, the physio makes a big difference to recovery time

I've had both my knees done and the second one was so much easier because I was given the pre surgery physio exercises the second time around

All fingers and paws crossed they decide dad's fit enough to get this long awaited and much needed surgery done

Next problem will be stopping him from over doing it and taking the essential rest time required after he's had the surgery

I can't believe it's finally happening for him at last


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  1. I see there might be an update, headed to see what it says now.


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