23 December 2022

Christmas Round-Up of 2022

Wishing all our followers both new and old a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Photo Description:- Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel and Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel sitting side by side in front of a frosty Azalea bush. Both are wearing red Santa Hats worn at a jaunty angle as they look at the camera

It's been a tough year here at Crazy Towers, first discovering that both my parents now have dementia and all the changes involved in becoming their carer

It's hard work adjusting to being a caregiver and it feels very much like I'm now the parent of my parents, but we're muddling through as best we can

My brother who lives in France has been an absolute legend throughout, always there on the end of the phone listening to my rants without complaint

On top of being there for me, my brother is also sorting out so much behind the scenes since we learnt of the sudden death of our uncle in Cyprus a few months ago, I've not been able to blog about his unexpected death because it's still part of a much bigger ongoing investigation

We recently learnt that my dad also has Esophageal Cancer on top of his dementia diognosis, so this past couple of weeks have been chaotic with what feels like non-stop hospital appointments for scans and appointments to work out his treatment plan to start in the New Year

As a family the universe has given us a really good kicking this year, but Boris and Eko help to keep me same with their comical antics

Photo Descriptions:- Head shots of Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel and Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel in front of a frost Azalea bush wearing Santa hats at a jaunty angle

Boris and Eko have had a great year as Brand Ambassadors for some amazing companies of which we can offer several discount codes for our followers to use here

Boris does have a surgery planned for January to remove a couple of lumps, one is growing in/on a lymph node on his back leg which our vet is very concerned about because of his Staph Pseudintermedius history, the other is a fast growing lump that is under his ribs and which came back as inconclusive with a needle biopsy

I really don't like having my dogs put under general anesthesia because there's always a risk, but especially with Boris and his heart condition, but sometimes it has to be done for their ongoing welfare

So to hopefully prevent the possibility of Boris needing another GA in the future for his arthritis, we're also getting his elbows and spine x-rayed at the same time for an up to date picture of how his arthritis is progressing in these areas

The Librela injections Boris recently started on as part of his multi modal pain management plan has made so much difference to his pain levels and joy for life, he's back to charging around the woods once more without a care in the world, which is a joy to see

Video Description:- Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel and Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel playing with their friends on the common on a frosty morning, Boris is the one barking and letting the world know how well he's feeling - Music: Dear Autumn Musician: @iksonmusic 

The only issues we have since the Librela started is ensuring Boris doesn't overdo it on walks

Eko is now doing really well with his assistance dog training, there's so much to tell you, but we'll save that for another post in the new year

Keep safe everyone and we'll see you on the other side of Christmas 

Dawn, Boris &Eko

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  1. Best wishes to you and yours as you manage family struggles. As a once upon a time caregiver (for two at the same time) I share your feelings and understand the difficulties, just know that what you are doing and giving in right and true in every way, no matter how hard it may be. The day will come when you look back and give thanks for every moment spent now. We adore your precious pups, and wish them good health also, especially with upcoming surgery. May you and yours have a bountiful and peaceful Christmas holiday. Ann and JUNE (the cat).

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, it's a very strange time at the moment, but as tough as it is I'm glad to be there for my parents, it's so difficult for my brother being so far away. I'm dreading the time when my parents will leave us, I'm cherishing every moment and memory that we make, even when we have a lovely day out and it's soon forgotten by them I'm sure it must make them feel better inside to experience that joy in the moment. Dementia is such a cruel disease xxx

  2. Boy, what a year you've all had and we pray for a better 2023 for you. You pups are so sweet. Happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas from all of us!

    1. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas too Brian and thank you for stopping by xxx

  3. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. So glad to see your back blogging again, can't believe I didn't notice sooner, what a rollercoaster of a year for you all, good luck for Boris surgery. Happy New Year 🎉 Tish and the girls x

    1. Thanks Tish and huge apologies for my very tardy reply, I've no idea how you comment slipped through without me seeing it xxx

  5. We are so sorry about all your troubles.We are still grieving for my mum's brother who died suddenly from a heart attack recently at 52, so no Christmas celebration for us this year.

    Sending you healing purrs from me and best wishes for the new year from Mum xx

    1. Thank you so much and I'm so sorry to hear of your mum's brother passing, apologies for my tardy reply I've just found a load of comments in my spam folder, wishing you a happier new year xxx


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