31 December 2022

Good Riddence 2022

Good Riddence 2022 it has not been nice knowing you!

I'm sure some good things must have happened but I honestly can't remember them over the 💩 you've dealt us as a family

2023 is also going to have a tough start, especially for my dad as he starts his fight against Esophageal Cancer

My mum is living in her own world these days due to the Vascular Dementia caused by her stroke in 2021 which is tough on everybody, what little empathy she ever had for others which wasn't much, has now completely disappeared

My uncle was finally laid to rest in Cyprus after we weren't informed of his death until several months after the fact

A black background with the words Good Riddance 2022 written in white cursive lettering
Photo Description:- A black background with the words Good Riddance 2022 written in white cursive lettering
My brother has so much on his plate at the moment with having to sort out our uncle's very complicated estate and being unable to leave France due to his local council messing him around about when they'd be re-connecting his house back onto the mains water supply again and constantly having to rearrange his travel plans to accommodate them

Having no water indoors for months must be horrendous, thankfully that eventually got sorted out on Christmas Eve, I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it's been for him when all I ever seem to do is give him is bad news about mum and dad

Himself is still struggling with his Diabetes and feels unwell for much of the time, but he has been my absolute rock this year with his unwavering support and having to put up with me hardly ever being at home these days

There's no such thing as a quick trip to mum and dads, something always comes up. I seem to spend my life in Tescos at the moment, buying items that dad insists he doesn't need on shopping day, but then suddenly needs the next day

It's not a simple case of just putting the items I think they need into the trolley on shopping day, that causes dad major upset if he insists he doesn't need them and he then creates a scene in Tescos because I haven't listened to him

Me - I'm doing surprisingly well going into the New Year, before the Christmas break I started taking Eko back to our training classes again. I gave up as all the running around and constantly trying to fit everything in was taking its toll. I soon came to realise that I just can't be all things to everybody, I needed to go back to these classes to do something for myself 

Instead of going to mum and dad's everyday I changed it to every other day and to be honest I don't think mum and dad have even noticed I'm not there so often, which is ironic in a weird way 

I now have the time to walk the dogs properly which I've really missed and to be there for Himself for the most part. It's not a perfect system by any means because everything is fluid and things can change when hospital appointments get added to the equation

For the most part taking time out for myself is really helping and I've come to realise that self care really isn't selfish, it's what keeps me sane

On that note I'll sign off for now and wish you all a Happy New Year

Dawn, Boris & Eko



  1. Yep, 2022 sure sucked for you and I hope and pray 2023 is better. All of us at Brian’s Home wish you a most Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks Brian and a Happy New Year to you and yours xxxx


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