10 June 2023

Unexpected Vet Trip

Poor Boris had an unexpected trip to the emergency vets this afternoon

After racing around on the common with his friends yesterday I fully expected him to be a bit stiff this morning, which is sadly normal with his arthritis when he has a bit too much fun 

Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel in the waiting room at the vets, he's wearing a cooling bandana as it was so hot today and he's holding his painful left front paw off the ground
Photo Description - Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel in the waiting room at the vets, he's wearing a cooling bandana as it was so hot today and he's holding his painful left front paw off the ground

What I didn't expect was him to be totally non weight bearing on his front leg!  Coupled together with his usual arthritic stiffness poor Boris could barely move this morning 

I gave Boris his extra painkillers that he's been prescribed to be used as a top up as and when required on top of his usual prescription medication regime, but after a couple of hours he was still struggling

It's at times like this when I'm so grateful we subscribe to the Vidivet app, I took a video (which I won't be posting as it's far too distressing) and posted it to Vidivet asking for advice

In under 5 minutes Dr Suzanna replied giving me several options to make Boris feel more comfortable and to monitor him, if there was no improvement and if I was still feeling concerned then a trip to the out of hours vet would be in order

Because Boris didn't improve I made him an appointment to see our local out of hours vet this afternoon, it appears that he has injured one of his toes

His nail bed is stable and there are no splits in the toe nail, which is good news, but he wasn't at all comfortable with having his foot or the rest of his leg examined, I suggested not forcing him as we'd found the source of his new pain and that it's usual for him to be painful and stiff after an active walk like yesterday

The vet we saw was absolutely lovely and she totally understood my concerns about Boris's other arthritic joints being under so much strain using only 3 legs and prescribed him some much stronger painkillers to tide him over the weekend until we could get to see our own vet on Monday

She also suggested that Boris may need an x-ray doing depending on what our own vet finds after he's had a couple of days rest

Considering I've used the Vidivet app a total of 21 times for out of hours vet advice since we originally signed up as beta testers, this is only the second time we've been advised that something I was worried about couldn't wait until my own vet practice was open

Why is it our pets always get ill or have accidents when our registered vet practice is closed?

I can't answer that question I'm afraid, but the Vidivet app has saved me so many unnecessary trips to see the out of hours vet and the costs involved for something that could easily wait until the next day

Vidivet is by no means designed to replace your vet, but when something goes wrong out of hours it's reassuring to know you will get a speedy answer from a qualified vet about whether something is safe to wait until your vets is next open, or whether you need to make an appointment to see the out of hours vet

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Dawn xxx

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Authors Note:- I've not been paid for this review, it's an app I use, love and fully support. 



  1. Anonymous10 June, 2023

    Poor Boris, wishing him the best of luck, love Amy x

    1. Thanks Amy, he's so much better now, still very slightly lame but that's normal for him with his arthritis xxx

  2. We sure hope Boris is feeling all better soon, yes, it all seems to happen more when the regular Vets are closed.

    1. Thank you Brian, doesn't it just, literally as soon as the out of hours start our pets find a way to either hurt themselves or become unwell, luckily after some stronger pain meds for a few days Boris was back to his normal self once more xxx

  3. We have our "paws together" that Boris will be all better soon ... arthritis hurts enough as it is, but to have further injury is so, so hard on our beloved pets. Your suggestions about having "out of hours vet care" is excellent for all pet owners.

    1. It's certainly saved me several hundreds if not thousands of pounds for out of hours advice, as the emergency vet always tells you to bring them in and with a consultation fee ranging anywhere from £250-£350 depending on the time of night it soon mounts up, luckily we have pet insurance so can claim it back, but the money still needs to be found to pay at the time of consultation as it's not your own vet

      Boris is now doing very well and is back to his old self again xxx


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