14 July 2012

Jackanory:- Part Seven

Hello my pawsome followers, sorry it's been so long since I last updated my Jackanory Story but I's had to think very hard abouts how to write this latest installment. 

As you may remember in Part Five, something terrible happened to me and my surrogate mummy Meegan which terrified me so much I didn't want to go outside for walks.

**finds a comfy position and starts to remember**

Several days after Meegan crossed The Rainbow Bridge mummy felt up to taking me for a walk and re-starting my training again. It was very strange to be walking down the road just the two of us, I had no big black shadow to follow, and I felt very exposed and a bit scared, mummy kept giving me treats and chatting to me, and soon enough I started to feel a bit happier trotting along quite happily.

As we went round a corner I saw a Collie walking towards us, he looked friendly enough, but suddenly I started to shake and I was petrified! I had a terrible flashback to the attack and didn't want this dog anywhere near me, I felt trapped and couldn't get away.

I then did what no pup should ever do **hangs head in shame** I charged to the end of my lead shouting and swearing the most foul language at him, and to my relief his owner took him to the other side of the road. I felt calm and relieved that I had managed to scare them away, I was only a small chap after all.

I learnt that day, that if I was on the lead and reacted this way, then no dog would come near me. It was a pattern that went on for several years, and I'm ashamed to say I became the most unpleasant little dog to walk, and my poor mummy was getting more and more stressed about it, but I didn't care, I didn't want any dogs near to me as I was petrified of them, so I continued to shout and swear foul language at  any dogs I met.

On one paw I was pleased that I could keep dogs away from me, but on the other paw my walks seemed to happen a weird times of the night which I didn't like, and I rarely got let off the lead as mummy was scared how I would react if I met another dog when I was off the lead.

A Walk in the Dark **resigned sigh**
During this time when mummy was at work, I used to stay with my hooman Granny and Grandad, and I was always really good with their Labrador Cassie as she had been Meegans friend and she was always nice to me, sadly because she was old she eventually crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with Meegan, and granny and grandad got a new Labrador puppy called Blue.

I hated her on sight, which I know now was pretty mean of me, as she was just a cute puppy, but she scared me rigid.

Mummy spent days with just the two of us and lots of treats to get me to like her. I had to like her, or I wouldn't be allowed to stay there anymore otherwise, and eventually I started to realise she wasn't a threat, so I started to accept her. In fact nowadays we are the bestest buddies but that is a story for another installment.

My Bestest Buddy Blue
Then one day daddy bought the "House on Wheels" and there was a massive debate between my people, as to whether or not I should be allowed to go away with them because of my problematic attitude to other dogs. 

It was agreed I could go away on a trial run, but if I was to badly behaved, I couldn't go again.

This first trip away in the "House on Wheels" turned out to be a massive turning point in my life...

To be continued:-


  1. You are a really good dog, Badger Boo. Sometimes the Boxers still react to collies (they have been attacked a few times by Border collies).

    So glad you've got a new best friend in Blue x.

    1. Ahhh yes Miss Lesley I'm a very good boy these days and I have so many doggy friends, but mummy had to work so very hard to get me used to feeling safe around them.

      I love everypawdy and not afraid to go and say hello first, sometimes I can be too friendly and mummy has to call me back as not everypawdy is as well socialised as I am these days.

      I'm just so pleased mummy took the time and didn't give up on me, some doggies live boring lives because they are scared of other dogs and their owners misunderstand them.

      Mind you, like people I don't always want to be friends with some dogs, but nowadays I trot off and ignore them rather than swear at them.

      BB xxx

  2. Poor Badger was suffering from Fear Aggression which was understandable after what had happened to him previously.

    Because we moved house soon after the incident, I didn't know any dog walkers in the area and sadly because he was small and easy to control I didn't retrain him as soon as I should have.

    One day I was channel hopping on the TV and saw a certain American dog trainer, something he said hit a cord "People with problem small dogs don't take them seriously as they are easy to control"

    It was a wake up call, I would never have let my Rotties carry on with this problem. I would have started retraining immediately, as anyone with a large dog will know, it is very hard to hang on if they decide to go.

    I thought long and hard about whether I should add this story, but it is part of how he became the sweet Badger Boo everyone knows and loves today.

    It was a long road, but hopefully Badgers story will give others hope.

    Fear Agression can be overcome with time and effort, and well worth the effort it takes, at this time I never imagined it possible that he would happily spend time walking in a large group of dogs as he does daily now.

    Sorry for the spoiler, but after rereading this installment I feel this important issue needs to be raised.

    Dawn (Badger Boo's mummy)

  3. Badger, I'll let you into a secret. Murdoch spent six years of his life on a lead, being walked around the streets where we wouldn't see other dogs. He was exactly the same as you and it's only because we found a great trainer just over a year ago that he can now run around off lead and be happy in the company of other dogs.

    Big hugs x

    1. Thanks for sharing Amy, I know how hard it can be to admit when we have a problem with our furry babies.

      Glad you found yourself a trainer and took the time with Murdoch for a successful outcome, I love reading about what the two you get up too.

      D xxx

    2. Pawsome to hear you have helped Murdoch overcome his fears, some people just don't understand, he is lucky to have you as his mummy.

      BB xxx


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