29 September 2012

Bath Time and Parcels ~ Pet Blogger Hop

Oh dear, this week I have had to have three baths, the reason being, I have been testing out the local "Eau de Fox Poop" much to mummys annoyance, I find the whole process quite boring as you can see.

She really doesn't understand my reasons for rolling in it, and I think she must secretly enjoy giving me a bath, she does it so often. I have to humour her sometimes BOL.

You can read all about our battles in the bathroom here.

WARNING:- If you hate baths, it's pretty shocking!

We also had some other excitement at our house this week.

A parcel arrived!

Oh Boy, I love to help open parcels, and get very excited about the whole affair, but suddenly she tried to take it off me, as she said it contained knitting needles which she didn't realise at first, apparently I could have hurt myself with them.

Mummy took a great video of me opening it. 

It's been posted on my facebook Fan Page as the file is too large to load onto my blog, which is a little annoying  GRRR.


  1. It's a really great video - I got a sneak preview.
    Shame you look so skinny when you're wet, BB - BUT you shouldn't roll in fox poo!!

    1. *claps paws in glee** I's so happy you likes the video Miss Lesley..

      I likes to think of it as lithe and athletic looking when I'm all wet, although it is a better look when I'm posing at the beach BOL


  2. Ha! I wish my dogs would associate that rolling in smelly stuff = bath. My dog Pierson's worse problem, though, is eating rabbit poo. If only he'd realize that I wouldn't brush his teeth so often if he didn't eat that stuff. Gross!

    1. My surrogate mummy Meegan was a poop eater, she ate a lot more varieties than rabbit *retch**!!

      OMP even I found her most offensive when she did that, mummy used to feel most ill when she came up and breathed her stinky mouth at her!

      I think sometimes mummy is secretly pleased I only roll in it and not eat it.

      Naughty Pierson, we know how yucky that can be for you..

      By the way, we has two of your collapsing bowels that are on your website, they are most pawsome!

  3. My goodness, it sounds like you need a hazmat suit before going outside!

    1. Please don't give my mummy ideas, it will spoil my fun BOL.

  4. Oh Badger Boo, there are some things a gentleman doesn't do - not in polite society that is


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