17 November 2012

Winter Walks

Most nights mummy takes me for a walk through the woods to meet daddy from the train station. 

It's very, very dark and there are no lights in the woods. The best bit about these walks is nopawdy can see what I'm getting up too, so I can go off and find all sorts of mischief.

I spend most of the Winter walking in the dark with my hoomans, the only exception being the weekends when they are home during the day.

  I do get to see daylight though don't worry, Miss Jackie my walker takes me out to play with my friends whilst the hoomans are working, so it's not all bad cos we has so much fun.

But my favorite walks are with my own hoomans, cos lets face it, they are mine and I now have them fairly well trained to do what I want, when I want.
Sometimes I has to remind mummy it's time to go and meet daddy, cos she forgets as she's watching the big noisy box after he has rung to arrange the meet up time.

I'll never understand how she can't seem to tell the time. It's the same routine every night, daddy rings from the massive place called London and 50 mins later we meet him in the woods from the train.

I love these walks the smells are so strong in the dark, and I can usually find something nice to roll in **muffled giggles behind paws**

This routine has been going on for years, I loved the arrangement and I thought the hoomans did too.


All my sneaky fun in the dark has stopped. Mummy now makes me wear a red flashing collar so she can keep a close eye on me. She won it in a Dogs Today competition last year, she can now see where I am and what I'm up too

Talk about spoiling my fun!

So take heed pups, if your hoomans arrive home with a flashing collar, you need to chew it up as soon as possible! 

That way you can still have fun in the dark, let my own silliness of allowing them to put it on me be a warning to you all.


  1. Hey Badger Boo, I hate to side with your hooman, but the other night, I nearly broke my neck tripping over my big, black Newfie/Lab as he lay sleeping in the hallway...usually he's on the couch. If Y-Bo had been wearing a lovely red flash like you, I wouldn't have a huge bruise on my leg now! Keep safe and have a great weekend!

    1. I hope you bruise heals quickly, I suppose you may be right abouts the collar x

  2. You are a very well behaved pup! Mommy would never let me wander in the dark without a leash because I would catch the scent of something and be gone. Glad you enjoy your walks, they sound like fun!

    1. Miss Emma, I can be very naughty sometimes **giggles** Sadly it's always dark for me cos my eyesight is very bad now with really bad cataracts, but my nose still works very very well hence why I needs the flashing collar so she can see when I'm abouts to run off x

  3. Oh dear, be safe BB. Brin the Boxer loves wearing hi-viz :-)

    1. It's ok Miss Lesley the path has a sheep fence, I run off down the hill straight into daddy as he walks up from the station.

      Mummy only lets me off when she knows he is on his way up the hill, it can be up to a mile I have to run sometimes, depending how quick mummy can waLk to the start of the path from our house xxxx

  4. I show up quite well in the dark, being white. I can hide when it snows!

    1. I gets lost in the snow if it's too deep, one year it came up over my back BOL xxx

  5. Wow a 50 minute walk in the dark woods every night? You're one brave doggie! The flashing lights is good though, now you won't get lost.

    Happy Wordless Wednesday (on Sunday)!

    1. We only walk for abouts 15 mins, it takes daddy approx 50 mins to get to our woods from Waterloo, it is all very carefully timed.

      Mummy only goes into the woods in the dark when she knows daddy is walking up the path to meet us, just in case she falls over as she is a bit unsteady on her feet.

      It is my favorite walk of the day, all those smells and meeting daddy at the end of it, I'm a lucky pup that's for sure x


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