27 September 2013

Smile it's Friday

Poor daddy had a few complications with his operation hence my missing post last week, "She Who Must be Obeyed" forgot to do it! 
Normally I'd give her a good telling off for such a grave error, but I'll let it slide this one time as she has been a bit stressed out.

I've been keeping Daddy amused and giving him lots of cuddles as he's been in a lot of pain since he got home. Them Hooman Vets are as mean as The Nasty Vet lady as far as I can make out. 
I wonder if the same things happen to Hoomans as happens to us pups **flashback starts** ?

**shakes head to remove the memory**
I love to help getting the pill boxes ready for recycling, as they can't go in the bin whole.
It really is the most pawsome fun :o)

But then a certain someone always has to come along and have a moan about the mess, bet you can guess who I mean? 

Things are slowly returning to normal here at "Boo Boo Towers" for the time being. 
Although Daddy has to go back to hospital soon for another operation which is pawsitively annoying.

Me and Daddy would like to say a massive Thank You for all your lovely messages of support.
 The pain he's in is very draining, but you keep us all strong.

If you've seen something thats made you smile just add your link below and lets get everypawdy smiling.
It's Friday which means its the start of the weekend. 

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  1. Sending POTP and healing vibes to your daddy. We hope he is better soon. Take care. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly
    PS pawsome chew going on there.

  2. You makes me smile bigs ... both because your Daddy's doing goods and because you did a naughty ... and you gots aways with its. I have never torn anything up but my own toys ...(cocked head) is it really as funs as it looks? I wonders what would happen if I tried that ... hmmmms. I will have to thinks that one over. Glad you are backs Badger Boo, I was missing you :)

    Izzi @ From the Sol

  3. You make me smile BB. BriniZozi have tried tearing up the sofa in response to the builders - I must put a stop to that!

  4. Sorry your daddy's in pain, Badger Boo. We hope he gets better soon!

    And nice job tearing up the pill box. Humans always have to ruin the fun though, don't they?

  5. Oh dear, we feel so sorry for your daddy having so many problems and needing another operation. He is lucky to have you to watch over things. I sure hope things improve for him soon.

  6. Hope your dad is feeling better soon! Lee and Phod

  7. Hey Badger. I'm sorry to hear that your daddy is in so much pain. I will keep him in my thoughts and will keep my *paws crossed* for his full recovery!


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