06 September 2013

A Quick Round Up

Hello and welcome its Smile it's Friday time again.

Things have warmed up again over here in the UK, but we've not been out and about very much, so here's a few pics of me in the sun with my spiffing new haircut and a little bit of why my posts have dropped off a bit lately. 

Daddy is in in lots of pain still and is having another operation next week, so it'll be "Nurse Badger" duties for me again.

I'll be giving daddy lots cuddles and attention, also putting my tiny feet in places that hurt to help him on the road to recovery. 

He loves it when I do that, as you know the louder hoomans say your name, the more they love you and want you to carry on what your doing.

Mummy has been busy making stuff for her first Craft Fair in my bedroom, the floor is now covered with these horrid little sticky things, bits of paper and lots of mess all over the place.

They're all in my VetBed and stuck in my ears, although they're out of my ears now cos I's been groomed, but you knows what I mean, just take a look at the state of her desk.

What a mess!!!  **shakes head in disbelief**
You can just see the my VetBed in the bottom left corner, directly in the firing line for the bin **resigned sigh*

 Me thinks she's trying to take over my room and drive me out!

 I will NOT allow her to take over in there, I'm holding my very own Sit-In and I will win cos I sleeps and refuses to move out of her way if she wants to get past BOL

Hope your all keeping well, now lets see who else is smiling his weekend :o)

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures)

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  1. Have a fabulous fit Friday Badger Boo and stay dry today.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thank you Miss Molly hope you have a pawsome weekend xxx

  2. Gosh, Badger Boo, sorry about your Dad. I agree you should keep doing what you are doing if it is making hims feel betters. As for your Mom's taking over your room ... I gots the same issue. My Mom does pictures and has piles everywhere. I have to search for a space to lie down if I want to be near her. That, of course, is nots a problems this weeks because I am nots happy with her. So, though I has a beds, I goes sleeps on the cool floor in the bathrooms where she can'ts find me. I will forgive her soon and we will be fines. Now you must tell me what is a Vet Bed ... having just been to the Vet (not happy about it) I am nots sure I would want one. But you makes it sound like it is a cool thing ... fills me in please. So glads to see you managed a smile even with everything that's goings on. Best wishes to your Dads ...

    Izzi @ From the Sol

    1. I saw you went to the Vets Miss Izzi, not nice at all, bad mummy, you make her feel good and guilty. Thank you for you kind words for daddy.

      VetBed is a fleecy blanket that stays cool in the summer, but is toasty warm in the winter. Its virtually indestructible and washes like new every time. I've had this one all my life **whispers** nearly 12 years now and it's still as soft but not quit as white as it used to be. Mummy has used VetBet for all her dogs and swears by it, some of the Rotties did try to destroy theirs but only ever succeeded in making small holes in it. There are cheaper versions of it but they are no where near as pawsome as the real thing.

      Hope you has a pawsome weekend xx

  3. What a snazzy new hair foo. It is good that you are taking such great care of your Dad. We hope he gets better soon. Best of luck with your sit in, people shouldn't take your room over! Lee and Phod

    1. Thank you for your kind words I'll pass them on to daddy, hope you has a pawsome weekend xx

  4. Take good care of your daddy, Badger Boo. Hope he feels better soon!

    1. Thank you Miss Jenn, hopes you has a pawsome weekend xxx

  5. Hi Y'all!

    Paws crossed for your human Papa. Take good care of him and be very gentle with the paws.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Thanks Hawkeye, you have a pawsome weekend xxx

  6. Hi pal! Sorry to hear about your dad, hope he gets better soon and it is good to know you are taking such good care of him. I know he appreciates it! Go a bit easy on your mom, I'm sure she is stressed out with your dad not doing well, but do keep a claim on your room. Emma

    1. Thank you Miss Emma, I loves your new Doodie Pack, I did try to comment but kept getting an error mesage, mummy would like to know where she can get you book from as we're in the UK?


  7. Take good care of your daddy. I'm sure you are great support. Woof.

  8. Hey Badger - sorry about your dad - I bet he's glad to have you doing the nursing duties. I think you have the right approach with your mom - don't allow her to take over - give them an inch and the next thing you know you'll be sleeping in the garage!

  9. Oh Badger...I have been missing in action lately here in Blogville. I am so sorry to read about your daddy and I hope he gets better real soon. I know you will be a great nurse and help him along his recovery. And good grief to mom's desk...what a mess. BOL
    *Cairn cuddles*

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  11. Hi BB, your mum and dad are lucky to have such a clever pup. Perhaps you could be more helpful with mummy's crafting :-)


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