12 April 2014

Smile it' the Weekend [18]

 I've been to the groomers and had my woolly winter coat clipped off, so I'm looking and feeling very dapper and smart at the moment.

It's still pretty chilly at night, so first thing in the morning I do like to wear my jacket out on my walks.
Well my fur is only a couple of mm's long on my body from the massive woolly 4" it was.
An old pup like me does feel the cold you know, so stop sniggering, I can hear you.

The best part about the warmer weather coming is; the House on Wheels will be out and about this year, how I missed our trips away last year with daddy being so ill, it'll be great to be out and about again and catching up with everypawdy, the bin raids and using daddy as my comfy seat.

Also not forgetting that he makes a great stepping stone, so I can get a decent view out of the window any time I want.

Can you come up with a funny Saturday Caption for this picture?

Gotta show those Seagulls who's the Boss, or they hop on the roof and make a terrible racket.

The best bit I'm looking forward too is playing in the sea again, the canal is good, but the sea is just so pawsome to play in, it fights back, can steal my ball and pop it up somewhere else.

I'm not quite sure why daddy keeps throwing my ball in the sea? But it seems to keep him happy, it doesn't take too much effort to keep my hoomans amused thankfully.

Linking this post with the new home of Saturday Caption.

Hope everypawdy has a pawsome weekend.

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  1. Gorgeous pup. Hope you get to play in the sea very soon x.

  2. Oh no BB they took you to the fur stealers. We have to admit you are looking good. Great that the house on wheels will be in action again. Yeppeeee we can't wait to read of your adventures.Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thank you Miss Molly, gosh your right, I never thought of them as fur stealers before, I can't wait either ** does a happy dance** xxx

  3. Those are some big waves, Badger Boos ... I think I woulds be a little afraids of thems. I don't even likes to swims because my furs gets so heavy when its wet that I am afraids I won'ts be ables to keeps myself above the waters. I do likes your hair cuts. My Moms friends tells her that my big mops of hairs will protect mes from the heats so she doesn't cuts my hairs ... so warms weather is nots welcomes here. I loves the cold and the snows, but everyone else loves the warms ... you know where that leaves me .. warms in my longs coats. Now, I won't even be gettings treats because my Moms says I am fats. I is a sad puppy, Badger Boos ...I wish I coulds come lives with you. But waits ... thens I couldn't plays with my Moms, Dads or my fur sister and brothers. I guess I will makes do. You has a wonderful weeks Badger Boos. Hopes you gets to go out in your house on wheels soon. I is excited for you ...

    Izzi @ From The Sol

    1. Yes Miss Izzi the people can be rude about the days issue, they forgets we had feelings too *resigned sigh** xxx

  4. thanks for joining in with #SatCap today!

    'Sniff it, you know you want too!'

  5. Ooh, there's a lovely lady Badger Boo...

  6. Im just going to be here and stay cute!

  7. You are looking good. I got my coat stripped last month. It feels good to get rid of all that fur! Humans are easily amused, glad you let yours keep tossing that ball!

  8. You look awesome!

    Can't wait to read the captions.

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  10. Badger Boo, your life looks great! I love to travel. If I could visit you, I would!
    ~xo~ Stella the Sheltie
    (McGuffy's Reader)

  11. The good thing about the house on wheels is that it doesn't have net curtains. They just get in the way when I want a good nose.

  12. Someone said there were some good ladies to watch round here - where did they go? #SatCap


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