17 October 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my Birthday.
 I know I can't believe it!
Today I'm 13 years old.

I've added a special one off Blog Hop to spread those Birthday wishes to anypawdy who's had/having a Birthday this weekend or in the last 7 days, link up and lets spread those Birthday wishes.

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  1. Happy birthday BB. We so hope your special day is filled with fun and treats. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh mys goodness, I woke ups all bleary eyed this morning and stumbled over to your (I must say wilds) partys to see if I could sends my cards and I coulds ... then I scrolls down and sees that your Mum has already's figured it outs and now you has two BD cards from mes. That's okays because I am stills wishing yous a Happy Birthdays because you is my best Bloggins Friend. Hopes you aren't hungs over this mornin's Badger Boos:) Now, I needs to go eats some breakfast before I starves ... You are so much funs, Badger Boos ... so glads you hads a nice Birthdays.


  3. Happy birthday! You are now an official teenager! 13 is a special age, enjoy!

  4. Happy birthday Badger Boo! 13 is a very good age. You're just a few months younger than my eldest and two years older than my younger son. It's his birthday tomorrow, so I might pop back and add a birthday post for him!

  5. Many happy returns Badger, quit a fine age

  6. Big happy birthday

    Thank you for linking up

  7. Happy birthday! #mysundayphoto

  8. Sorry I'm a day late but wishing you a very happy birthday Badger Boo :)


  10. Hi, Badger Boos ... I thinks you must still be recoverings from your wilds 13th Birthdays Party. I posted to you last Fridays on Halloweens and missed seein's you. Hope all is well and you isn't still hungs over :)

    Your friend, Izzi

  11. Happy birthday! My birthday was yesterday! ~Stella


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