20 February 2022

Jackanory Part 14 - Don't Feed the Trolls

Found this old post of Eko as a puppy, when I wrote it I was very angry but decided not to post it and feed the Trolls at the time, hence why it's now part of our Jackanory Stories

OMG the keyboard warriors are out in force again, yet again I've received unsolicited training advice to use a prong collar on Eko to teach him to respect me

There's absolutely no need to train dogs using fear, force or dominance with e-collars, prong collars, choke chains, rattle bottles, discs or any other of the many adversive training methods out there

Yet these idiots still feel the need to message me and tell me I need to use these torture items on Eko to get him to respect me

I train my dogs 100% positivly, as a result learning is one huge game of fun for them and we have a fantastic bond

There's no scaring or forcing my dogs to do something they're not comfortable with, if they do something I don't like I redirect them with an action I prefer instead 

Eko is a highly intelligent free spirit, yes he's very cheeky at times but that's just his personality, not something that needs to be bullied out of him, so please if you don't like how I train my dogs then feel free to leave



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