13 April 2020

Being Disabled during Lockdown

As a disabled person with an autoimmune disease I can't walk very far to get to somewhere isolated to exercise Boris my assistance dog, driving for five minutes to the nearest common to allow Boris to get out of the house for some downtime and too switch off from working is an essential trip out, both for his wellbeing and mine

I can't have a dog walker due to the high risks and myself being in self isolation, now that all the car parks have been closed onto the commons Boris can't have that one trip out a day we're allowed for his exercise so that he can have the time to switch off, sniff and run that is far enough away from people to enable me keep myself safe from Covid19, the local field is an unsafe option as everybody else is walking their dogs there

What may not be essential travel for one person may well be a lifeline to another person, thank you so much to all those that have abused the car parks so they've had to be closed down by the police,also thank you to all those that are being cruel and judgemental in local facebook groups, assuming we're just driving there for a jolly with friends

Now I have nowhere to exercise my Boris that is safe for me to keep my distance from other people whilst catering for his wellbeing in these difficult times

Disabled people have been abandoned and left to fend for ourselves during this time of lockdown, most of us are struggling to get by alone the best way we can whilst also trying to keep ourselves safe too!

I hope for their sake that those that are passing judgement in facebook groups, sitting up there on their high horses don't ever get exposed to Covid19 

Keep as safe as you can everyone and keep washing your hands

Dawn and the Two Crazy Cockers 

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