27 March 2021

Off Lead Dogs

That awful moment on your walk when having your photo taken and you get photobombed by yet another loose dog with no recall, its almost a daily occurance now and is very annoying and upsetting 

It took about 5 mins of the owner yelling before they finally got to us to collect their dog

Those of you that know us personally know that mum isn't very tolerant of people who let their dogs rush at us

 Boris was attacked a few years back, pushy dogs in his space like this still make him feel very nervous and scared, which is horrible to see

When the man eventually arrived with his young daughter, mum politely pointed out about it not being safe to have a dog with no recall off lead, not all dogs are as tolerant as us when having their personal space rudely invaded by pushy dogs 

Then the usual excuses started, he's friendly he's only puppy, he is trained, blah blah blah blah blah......

Mum pointed out
You called, he didn't come back = No recall, therefore no grasp of basic training

Then he starts on about how his dog is only 12 weeks old, at this point mum turned her back on him to ignore him and offer us treats for being so good, it's clearly not a 12 week old puppy and the man is obviously just making stuff up to justify his actions, mum had to ignore him before she completely the plot with him

 He kept making excuses at mums back, then stormed off dragging his poor dog behind him

Interactions like these are so common place at the moment with all the dogs that were brought over lockdown by owners who have no idea on dog etiquette. It's extremly upsetting to mum, she has really bad Social Anxiety and struggles to deal with people she doesn't know

These almost daily interactions are not helping mums mental health at all, especially at a time when so many people in the UK are struggling after being locked down for over a year because of Covid

Please think before allowing your dog to approach other dogs, not all dogs want to be friends and get on with each other, just like not humans get on with each other

Some dogs may be reactive which will possibly result in your dog getting attacked, some dogs may be terrified of other dogs, some dogs may be recovering from surgery, the last thing any of these dogs want or need is an unwanted visitor getting up and into in their personal space

If your dog doesn't have a reliable recall, then please for the sake of others used a longline, your dog can then have freedom in safety without annoying other dogs by getting up into their faces

Boris & Eko


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