19 July 2021

It's Hot Hot Hot

We're currently experiencing a mini heat wave here in the UK, we don't have them often but when we do so many dogs suffer because of the heat and people not taking it into consideration

Every year dogs get left in boiling hot cars which is unthinkable the suffering they have to endure, dogs are constantly seen being walked during the hottest part of the day on red hot pavements, or out playing Fetch over and over again on local playing fields

It's heart breaking to see and hear about these poor dogs to those of us who are responsible and leave our dogs at home during the day.
If these people left their dogs at home we won't keep getting the horrific news that yet another dog is struggling in a boiling hot car because their selfish owner decided to pop into an air conditioned shop and forget all about them slowly cooking to death in their car like the sunday roast in an oven

We only ever walk our dogs in the early mornings or late evenings which are the coolest parts of the day when the weather is this hot in the UK

Every year the same message goes out here in the UK about not leaving dogs in hot cars and to only walk them at the coolest times of the day, yet every year people still do it and dogs die, it's so heartbreaking and unnecessary 


 I’m just so very hot
I haven’t been out yet
But that’s ok
I don’t want to go

The kitchen floor is cool
I’ll just lay here for a while
Ahhh the bliss

 Time for my walk
Love my walks
But not today
A fur coat I have

We start walking
 Ouch my paws
It hurts so much
I try to walk faster 

Panting now to cool down
We keep walking
Every step is torture
I can't take much more
I’m in agony

Take me home
 I didn’t want to chat
An eternity it feels
As you gossip on

My paws are burning
My tongue feels huge 
So tired do I feel

I feel hot on the inside
I feel so strange
I'll lie for a while
And close my eyes

I'm waking up 
It’s so cool now
I'm laying on grass
Paws no longer hurting

My pain is over
I've crossed the Rainbow Bridge


Please we implore you if you need to go out leave your dog(s) at home whilst the weather is so hot
No dog has ever died from missing a walk

Dawn, Boris & Eko

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  1. This is a great reminder for all dog owners. That graphic is very powerful as is the poem. I often wonder what the heck people are thinking!


    1. Me too, the graphic was part of a huge campaign by Dogs Today magazine several years ago now, it's so powerful it really got the message across that year with the "Dont cook your Dog" campaign after two police dogs died in their work van that year, sadly it's a message that need repeating year after year as we're just not used to this hot weather when it comes x

  2. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. Great post and reminder for people. I always try to walk my dog before it gets to warm for her paws too.

    Thanks so much for linking up to The Wednesday Link Up. I hope you can join us again tomorrow for our next party :) #TheWednesdayLinkUp

    1. Thanks Claire, looking forward to it xxx

  4. it is illegal here in Florida USA to leave a child or animal in a closed vehicle - it is hot as Hades here even in the winter. An observer can legally call the police and break car window to get to inside to save child or animal.

    1. As far as I'm aware, here people only get prosecuted for causing unnecessary suffering if the dog dies or has to be PTS to ease their suffering. I'm not sure on the child rules to be honest, but to leave a child in a boiling hot car is despicable!

      Many years ago I once accidentally locked my young son in the car on a hot day, although car was in the shade of a tree, any other time he'd release himself from the child seat whenever he felt like it at the most inconvenient times, but not that day oh no. I had to phone the AA to come and break into my car for me so they could get him out, the AA informed the police and I received a visit from them the next day, thankfully they were satisfied it was a genuine accident after reviewing the CCTV footage of the car park I was in xx

  5. A great reminder in the hot weather

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  6. I can't believe that people still leave dogs in hot cars, it is unbelievable. That poem is very moving and upsetting. People really should be more thougtful.

  7. I have actually called the police when I have seen dogs in cars when it's hot. It's so unfair to leave them, and so dangerous. Thank you for sharing.


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