19 September 2022

Bit of a Round Up

Bit of a weird day today filled with much sadness for our Queen, I didn't watch the funeral but I will at a later date when I feel more up to it

Sadly last week I was  also informed of the death of a good friend and work colleague of many years, which has made me feel very out of sorts at the moment

Dad Update

Dad is doing OK and yesterday managed 8 stairs up and down in the gym, so they're looking to send him home soon, normally it would have been yesterday, I was in for 5 days for each of my knees, but it's felt that dad is going to need some extra help with carers at home for a short time until he's built his strength back up

He should have had his knee done years ago, but he's so damn polite and hates making a fuss that he slipped through the net by insisting he could manage

When I pushed for it originally after mum's stroke dad was so much fitter, as the day of his surgery approached I asked him many times if he was sure it was what he wanted, knowing how hard the recovery can be I was starting to worry it might be too much for him as he's quite frail now

Dad was adament he still wanted it done even though it wasn't without risk because of his age and fragility, thankfully dad has improved so much since that first traumatic visit I had with him after the surgery

Dads's even talking about going back down to watch his beloved Pompey playing again in a few months time, something I know he's missed deeply since he took a tumble one time leaving the stadium and not felt he could go back again

 I've just read the paper I brought home from visiting dad in hospital last night to put into our recycle bin, I'd totally forgotten justhow satisfying it is to sit and take 15 mins to yourself to read the daily paper

At what point did I stop reading it - I've got no idea, but probably soon after I retired, it used to be part of my daily routine to pop into the garage on the way to work for the paper, weirdest thing ever though is I had no inky fingers when I'd finished with it

Dad Update 2

Dad is now doing very well after his knee replacement surgery although he had a somewhat upsetting day on Saturday, when he was told he couldn't come home just yet

On Friday the OT felt dad would benifit with some carers at home to help him for a couple of weeks until he's back on his feet properly, but because of the weekend and the Queens funeral today it's been difficult to arrange

Dad became somewhat distressed at the news and has now been moved off the ward into a single room near the nurses station, I'm not entirely sure why as everybody was so busy and I didn't like to ask, but dad does seem so much happier in there

I took this picture as it brought a tear to my eye to finally see dad happy and relaxed at last and checking out his much loved football results 

Yesterday somebody  kindly arranged a tablet for dad so he could watch the live stream of the Queen laying in state all day and also the funeral today which has really helped his mood

When I arrived dad was happily watching the tablet marveling at the wonders of modern technology and telling me all about it

For the first time dad was back to his usual self and chatting away, we even had a bit of a laugh over some of his antics

Apparently one night he'd tried to escape, or maybe he was just remembering a time when he ran away from boarding school, but he had great fun telling me all about it, laughing his head off so much he could barely speak

Hopefully he'll be back home in his familiar surroundings very soon 



  1. We're glad the Dad is doing good, it takes time though. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, very sad indeed.

    1. Thank you, dad's now well on the way to recovery he's been home a few weeks now and is back to his old self again, I did worry it was all a bit too much for him, but now he's very happy with the results xxx


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