08 October 2022

A Day Off - NOT

Saturday morning - and so it starts when the dreaded house phone wakes me from my slumpers before it's even 0800

One day is all I ask, just one day to myself!

A typical type of phone call I recieve several times a day on most days from my mum, the item she requires varies from time to time, but the conversation always takes the same route

Whenever mum wants something from Tescos I'm expected to jump too it,  drive the 10 miles to my parents house, do their shopping then unpack it all once I get back to their house, then drive the 10 miles home again without so much of a word of thanks


Mum - Can you go shopping today?

Me - Can it wait until tomorrow? 

Mum - No, we've got no bananas and I've written a list!

Me - But I topped up on the shopping on they way back from the hospital on Thursday

Mum - But you didn't get the bananas 

Me - You never told me you needed bananas

Mum - How was I supposed to know I'd run out, I've done a list of everything we need

Me - I'm coming around tomorrow, can I get the shopping then?

Mum - Well if you're far too busy to help me out I'll have to go without yet again, I didn't have one on my cereal this morning

Me - Sorry about that, but I can't remember everything you want if you don't add it to the shopping list or didn't put them in the trolley when we went shopping on Wednesday, I did ask about bananas and you said you had loads

Mum - **angrily** Tell me when I get something right will you!

Me - **sighs as I listen to practically  everything I've ever done wrong, the list is surprisingly short today**

Mum - Are you still there?

Me - Yes mum of course

Mum - I'll see you later then?

Me - **feeling defeated** OK, but it won't be until later as I've got to walk the dogs as they missed out yesterday

Mum - All you ever do is think of yourself and what you want to do, you never think of.... blah blah blah 

Me - **I give up listening and leave her to rant to herself whilst I feed the dogs and get dressed as she starts to guilt trip me yet again for not doing enough**

Mum - So what time are you coming?

Me - When I get there and not before as I've got to walk the dogs first, you know I can't give you an exact time **it's so much easier to be vague**

I know mum doesn't mean anything by it, but boy it can be so very frustrating at times because of her Vascular Dementia 



  1. Yep, I've had those conversations too when my Mother was alive, it was really frustrating.

    1. Yes it is, I try my best to be patient, I wrote this on a
      day when I was feeling particularly frustrated as I was exhausted from all the running around between visiting the hospital after my dad's surgery as well as the usual running around I have to do these days

      Writing it all down helps me to process my complex emotions and thank you for the support xxx


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