17 October 2022

Too Cut or Not to Cut

 Decisions Decisions

I really can't decide whether to get my hair cut short again, it's soooo long now (half way down my back when it's wet) it gets really knotty every day and even with detangle spray it takes an age to brush out

Current length and excessive volume when my hair is dry
Once wet it reaches half way down my back 

I can't tie it into a pony tail because of an old shoulder injury which means I can't lift my arm high enough which is so frustrating, on a pros and cons list the only reason to keep it long is so I don't have to endure having a haircut every 4 weeks because my hair grows so fast

It's got so long now because the last time I had it cut was 2 days before Covid Lockdown in March 2020 and that was my usual short back and sides

My hair just after it's been cut but within a week it
looks less butch and loads better as it starts to regrow 

The growing out stage happened and I just had to lump it because all the  hairdressers were closed due to Lockdown

Growing out stage the curls are taking over
making it stick out in all directions 

For years I was trying to grow it back to long again, but as I can't stand the growing out stage I always got it cut short again

Growing out stage and the weight of my excessively
 thick hair starts to create it's own natural volume

The final straw was last night, I tried using some waterless shampoo for the first time to wash it as we were away and it's another 3 weeks until my appointment to get it washed through properly at the hairdressers. I normally just rinse it through with water and apply Mythic Oil to nourish it as my hair is naturally very dry and prone to split ends

I used a whole bottle of this waterless shampoo and it wasn't nearly enough to get all my hair wet, plus I didn't like the smell of it, it certainly didn't smell like the apples it was supposed too, it smelt most odd and somewhat horrible plus I was left with a very knotty and tangled mess

Current length and what I wake up to every morning
full of knots and painful to brush out using detangling spray

The dogs version of this brand of waterless shampoo is really great and very effective on them, maybe I should have tried using theirs instead of wasting my money on the human one, at least I wouldn't pick up any fleas or tics if I'd used the dog one **laughs**

I swear if I could have got my hair cut off this weekend I would have, I'm sick of wearing in two plaits like a child to stop it getting knotty in the wind

Finally under control and plaited up and ready for a windy trip
 down on the beach, I'm far to old for this look 

I've come to the conclusion that long hair on me is quite aging these days as it's so grey now, at least when its short I can manage to wash it by myself one handed

Current length showing off my grey
and looking much older than I feel
So I thought I'd ask on here as I know you'll be honest without worrying whether you're offending me or not by saying which looks best, I like my hair both long and short, the only reason I got it cut short originally was because wasn't able to take care of it myself and needed help with it

To cut or not cut that is the question

If I do get it cut off then I intend to donate the hair to an organisation that makes wigs for children for cancer, I was given the name of the charity some time ago but as I type this it has totally slipped my mind what the charity is called 


  1. Short seems like it would be lots easier to deal with. But what do I know? I have hardly any hair left LOL!

    1. Short is definitely easier with my arthritic shoulder, but I do love it long, except in the hot weather with it being so thick x


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