01 January 2023

New Years Resolutions

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New years resolutions

I don't see the point

One day at a time

Is the best I can do 

I hate whinging and moaning

It's why I don't rant

Sympathy and platitudes

Is not what I want 

People mean well

By offering advice 

It grates on the nerves

But I try to be nice

Ignoring is easier 

Then I won't offend

When I tell you where

To stick your advice

Pain is a constant 

Arthritis is a bitch 

I hate this pain

It's hard to be nice

Alternatives don't work

I didn't ask your advice 

You think I've not tried

It's not very nice

One day at a time

I soldier on through

I do what I can 

It's the best I can do




  1. We all wish you a most Happy New Year! ~Brian, Simon, Seal, Kiki, Maxwell and Macy


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