11 August 2023

Self care is essential

I have so much going on with my parents and Boris at the moment that I've been feeling totally overwhelmed by it all just lately, 
I'm exhausted with putting my parents needs first and worrying about Boris all the time that something had to give

Head shot of Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel looking directly at the camera with his tongue out a little whilst sitting in front of an Ivy covered fence
Photo Description - Head shot of Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel looking directly at the camera with his tongue out a little whilst sitting in front of an Ivy covered fence

I finally got around to booking myself an appointment with the Diabetes nurse for a very long overdue appointment

Something I finally came to realise last weekend is that everyone is right, my own health and wellbeing has got to take priority over everything else

I was doing a spot of light weeding on the allotment with Boris for company when he started nose bumping my leg, I stopped what I was doing and made a fuss of him thinking he must be bored

Usually when Boris starts pestering it's because he wants my undivided attention and wants me to start throwing his toy for him to play with

Video Description - Boris on the allotment whilst I have a rest and he pretends he has no idea who's been eating the treats in our treat bag, he's wearing a yellow bandana to make other dog owners aware that he needs space at the moment due to his elbow injury

Because of Boris being on restricted exercise his toy was still at home, so I stopped what I was doing and gave him loads of cuddles and fuss, as I went to stand up he started pawing painfully at my leg, I told him no and suddenly he jumps right up at me knocking back onto the bench

I was shocked that Boris should do that as jumping up is painful for him with his arthritis, I sat there stunned when I suddenly started to feel really lightheaded and a bit nauseous, I had a drink of water and ate my bananas, after a few minutes I started to feel a lot better as I sat stroking Boris's head

Then it suddenly struck me, Boris had known my sugars were dropping!

My sweet boy who's long since retired as my assistance dog and who's never been trained for diabetes had realised something was wrong, he might not have known what was wrong but he knew I needed telling and quickly

It never ceases to amaze me just how clever our dogs can be, Boris really deserved all the extra fuss and treats I gave him as I thanked him and reminded him that he's retired now, that he should be taking life easy from now on and not worrying about me anymore

Counting down the days now until Boris can have his surgery, I've ordered him a doggy pushchair so that Boris can get out and about more and not be left at home alone whenever I'm walking Eko and so he can enjoy some new and different scents rather that being stuck in the house and garden all day

On August 1st I gave up smoking, I'm 11 days in now and I've not touched a cigarette, I'm using nicotine patches and nicotine lozenges to help combat the cravings

By posting about giving up smoking I'm making myself accountable, I really hope I succeed at quiting this time around

Seeing first hand how badly smoking has affected my mum's health with her stroke, it's given me a new determination that I've never had before about quitting smoking for good this time

Dawn xxx 

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  1. Love that he was able to alert you to impending physical trouble. And happy to meet the two of you.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, look forward to following all your adventures xx

  2. Way to go Boris, ya done good sweet boy! Yes, take care of yourself first so you can be there when others need you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Brian, Boris is so special to me, I feel life is treating him most unfairly at the moment, counting down the days until his surgery xxx

  3. We have long thought that our Cocker Spaniel, Lucy would have made an excellent service dog. They are so aware of their surroundings. Boris is a handsome fellow.

  4. Well done, Boris. You know what's going on even if your dad doesn't. You're handsome too.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  5. Look at those gorgeous brown eyes
    Hugs to you and Boris

  6. Well done Boris! Our animals can sense things we don't know.


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