08 September 2023

A bit of a rant

I was in two minds as to whether I should post this, but in the end I felt I need to clarify a few things about why I had to wait for Boris's insurance policy to renew before doing his surgery as I've had some people quite aggressively disagreeing with my decision to wait

Boris's surgery is booked for Tuesday, so today is a lazy day and Boris is having a haircut and coat thinning session, hopefully by tidying his coat before he goes in Boris won't look too horrific sporting his very unfashionable vet style clip when I collect him

I admit Boris's surgery has been a long time coming and believe me it wasn't an easy decision to make, but the simple fact of the matter is this - With a specialist vet you have to pay for the surgery at the time of collection, or you hand them your insurance claim form so they can be paid directly

A close up head shot of Boris laying on grass surrounded by tiny white flowers as he looks at the camera with his tongue out with a relaxed expression on his face
Photo Description - A close up head shot of Boris laying on grass surrounded by tiny white flowers as he looks at the camera with his tongue out with a relaxed expression on his face

Boris is insured for up to £7,000 per year for vets fees, Boris has three ongoing health conditions - His arthritis, his heart and his skin, so let me explain it once again for those at the back who weren't paying attention the first time

I can only claim a maximum of £7,000 per year, then I pay out of pocket for anything Boris needs

With Boris's arthritis, his monthly medications and ongoing care to keep him comfortable usually uses up approx 50-60% of his insurance claim per year with no issues whatsoever

When Boris suddenly went chronically lame and couldn't bear weight at all, we used up the remainder of his claim for this year pretty darn quickly with an emergency vet visit at the weekend for stronger painkillers, a course of laser treatment to reduce inflammation, x-rays to find out why he was not improving plus stronger painkillers, the referral to a specialist vet for an MRI scan plus other tests, also the visits to our own vet to monitor Boris and keep him comfortable 

The remainder of Boris's yearly claim didn't last long believe me and I was soon paying for his treatment out of pocket and did so willingly

The quote for Boris to have surgery on his elbow is approx £4,000 that's £4,000 I just do not have and have absolutely no way of getting, so I had no option other than to wait for his insurance policy to renew and start afresh once again

I consulted with both our own vet and the specialist vet and it was agreed that so long as we were extremely careful about reducing impact to Boris's front legs it would be safe to hold off surgery for a short while until his insurance renews, which is what we've done

At no point has Boris and his welfare ever not come first in this, if I'd had the money then I'd gladly have paid out of pocket for him to have had his surgery sooner

Contrary to popular belief money does not grow on trees and I couldn't just find it as certain people have said they either would or could have if they were in my situation

I'm actually very lucky we're with a decent insurance company that I've never cut corners with over cost, in the 25 years we've been with them we've never had any issues of them paying out for some pretty substantial vet bills over the years

Although it does swing in roundabouts as there have been some dogs I've never made a claim for, so you could say that insurance was a waste with them, but I disagree

You never know what the future holds as there's no such thing as NHS for pets, just amazing vets doing their very best for our furry family members, sometimes under very challenging circumstances when people can't afford the treatment their pet needs and start getting aggressive with their vet and other staff members, because they've failed to prepare with adequate pet insurance to help their injured or unwell pet

I've lost one or two "friends" because they disagreed with my decision over Boris's surgery, but in reality they're no loss to me, I've always done my very best for Boris under the advise and supervision of our vet who's opinion I value and trust

Rant Over

Dawn xxx 

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  1. That must not have been a very good friend. Sometimes we can only do what we can do out of necessity. All the best to sweet Boris for a successful outcome!

    1. Thank you and I agree, I can't afford to pay back a debt on my small pension so try to avoid debt at all costs. Boris is now a week post surgery and is recovering really well, just in the process of writing a blog about it, I hope you're all well xxxx


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