30 June 2012

A Puppy's Guide to Camping

Now Himself is feeling lots better since his operation it must be nearly time to go away in our House on Wheels, it seems so long ago since we last had a trip away in it.

As it has been so long I had better give Himself some reminders of what needs doing when we gets on site. Cos these hoomans are rubbish at remembering stuff.

First things first, make sure my bed is in a comfy spot,  although I only uses it during the day because if I whines enough...

Look where I get to sleep, you have to climb a ladder to get to the
hoomans bed, but that's ok because they are now trained to lift me on and off. BOL

Next I have to survey my new property to ensure we are parked ok, and allow all the other dogs to see me and be jealous of my yummy Dentastix.

  Next I have to ensure we have a decent pitch with clean sweet smelling grass to roll on.

When I'm happy with the state of our pitch it's time to get my football out and have a game with Himself.

 Other times we play Roughhouse and he tickles me so much **giggles**

Playing with Himself is pretty hard work, so we usually crash out after for a while and have some cuddles. This is the best seat in the House on Wheels.

Sometimes I have to humour mummy and play dressing up **resigned sigh**

When I'm satisfied everything is in order, it's time to head off to the beach to play. 
**does a happy dance**

I also enjoy the novelty of helping myself to the contents of the bin, not something I get to do at home as the bin is to big for me with my little legs, but this one is just right. BOL

I love going away with my hoomans because we have so many adventures, I think they have missed them as much as me, but now Himself is on the mend we will be off out and about very soon.

If you wants to be more involved with my Daft Adventures come and join my group on facepoop . We are a friendly bunch and share all our adventures there.


  1. Replies
    1. *waves paw madly* I sure can't Miss Lesley today we's off to Busbridge fete, daddy's first proper trip out.

      He will be doing CasSim which is like facepainting but he does wounds instead of Tigers.

      Should be pawsome fun.

      BB xxx

  2. Great pics. We are taking our puppy camping soon in tents... hoping he behaves! X

    1. I'm sure your puppy will love it, so many new things to check out.

      It will help him settle if you keep his feeding routine the same and take his favorite toy or blanket.

      Puppies get very tired quickly and he will needs lots of rest, same as at home.

      Hope you has a great holiday, I loves being in New places.

      Please let me know how you got on, we used to go in a tent and it was pawsome fun

    2. Oooopsy sent post too soon. I'm sure you will enjoy your holiday more for having the company of your puppy.

      BB xxx

      **note to self** Must get my fluffy paws trimmed SOON


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