18 July 2014

It's Been a Slow Week #WeekendSmile {24}

Hello Everypawdy
Not a lot has been happening here as mummy is still recovering from her operation, she finds it hard to walk me with her crutches, so I've not been out much this week, it's not my fault she's a slow coach and can't keep up with me.
It's been very warm down here in the South of England, to be honest all I've felt like doing is just lazing around in the garden.
Last night I discovered a Toad in the garden.
 I froze, stared at it and growled but it refused to move, it was blocking my way back into the house
Eventually mummy came out to investigate as I was outside for longer than is usual, she saw Me staring down the Toad and proceeded to laugh at Me. 
After a little while she came outside and just picked me up and carried me back inside, still laughing all the time.
 How rude is that?

Luckily I have my very own paddling pool tray of water in the garden to play in as I please, I used to have a nice big one that mummy had to blow up, but I chewed a hole in it a few years ago and she won't get me another one, she says I'll chew that one too, but I promise I won't.
In this hot weather please keep a look out for dogs whose owners unbelievably still haven't got the message that leaving a dog in a hot car is like roasting a chicken, and will kill us.

If you see a dog in a car on a warm day the RSPCA advice is to call the Police on 999.
If the police are unable to attend, call the RSPCA 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 or if you are in Scotland03000 999 999 for SSPCA
(Please store this number on your mobile phone!)

 Please be vigilant, dogs are relying on you to educate their owners and save them!
 Hope you all have a pawtastic weekend.
Badger Boo's Daft AdventuresBadger Boo's Daft Adventures

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  1. That's a goods message Badger Boos. I have seen dogs in cars and Mom and her friend has called the cops on thems. If my Moms needs to runs in a stores for somethings she leaves the motor runnings and the air conditioner ons. The car is locked, but if someones tried to gets in, I woulds barks and snarls and scares them off. That doesn't havppens though because my Moms usually waits until I am nots with her to do her shoppings. About the toad ... I gots a big fats toad that lives by my outside faucet ... we has had many stand offs. She just doesn't seems to gets it ... when I growls and barks at her she just sits there. So, I decided she must has a secrets weapons that she can use on mes and that whys she isn't afraids. I don't bothers her anymores ... I don't wants to know what she can do if I were to jumps on her. You has a good weeks Badger Boos ... see you next weekends :)

    Izzi @ From the Sols

  2. We are not laughing at the toad story. It is very serious that a toad would try and take over your house. We have never had a pool. Lady says we have a lake close to that is all we need. She is just mean.
    We hope your mom gets better soon and it cools down so you can have great adventures!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Ah! So you were involved in a stand off with a toad! He must have been a frightening beast! It is good that your dear mom rescued you from the jaws of death!! <3

  4. Hope your mom is off the crutches soon. It would be a disaster around here if my mom was on crutches!


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