11 July 2014

Smile it's the Weekend [23]

Good Morning Everypawdy.

Last week I couldn't post because mummy was spending a few days living at the Vets People Hospital, she was getting given a new knee, so I had to go and stay with my good buddy Blue the Labrador and her lovely people.

I was hoping mummy would come home wearing a Cone of Shame, then I could laugh my paws off at her and take picture like she does to me.

Big disappointment!

Did you know Hoomans don't ever get to wear one, how wrong is that!!!
I've a good mind to put paw to paper and complain.
Especially as my good friend Mr Darcy has to wear one at the moment, cos he was, OMP I'm not sure I can physically say what happened to him at the vets **feels faint at the thought** I gotta say it **whispers** castrated.

Poor Mr Darcy, I wish you well and hope you make a speedy recovery **breathes huge sigh of relief**  
I'm so glad it wasn't me.

Had some lovely early morning walks with Blue and her people.

They are very kind to me but obviously didn't get the memo that I'm actually meant to be in the picture, but you gets the idea I'm sure.

When mummy came out of the Vets People Hospital I was allowed to come home again, but before I could put on my Nurse Badger hat, I needed a good long snooze after playing hard with Blue for a few days.

Mummy is now recovering well and took me for a little walk yesterday, but crikey she's so slow, I was very good and didn't pull too much to give her chance to keep up, she only ran me over once with the wheely thing she has to use, so I'll be keeping my eye on that from now on, it didn't hurt but it sure made me jump.

Hope you all have a pawtastic weekend.

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures  Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

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  1. Good to have you back BB. Sounds like Mummy's sense of humour has also returned ;-)

  2. My Goodness, Badger Boos ... you is full of stories today. I thinks I is happys for your Mum ... shie has been waitings to have this dones for a long times. I knows she will likes her new knee because my friend Annie gots two of thems and is much happier than befores. Your friend,Mr. Darcy, on the other paws, may nots be so happys, at least nots for awhiles. That cones of shames looks scary ... I woudn'ts wants to meets you or Mr.Darcy on a darks streets with that things on ... gives me the creepies. Now I has to ask ... who takes a full minutes of video of a dogs sleepings. I means there is nothing to see but the dogs sleepings. I wants actions shots ... you knows, chasing a squirrels of playing tug-a-wars. Your Mom did makes my Moms laugh though so I guess it was pretty funnys. Sure was nices of the Blues family to let you comes to stays. I means somones has to feeds you, right? And Mrs. Blues familys tooks a nice pictures of the fogs. Thats was goods even thoughs you weren'ts in it. So glads you are backs Badger Boos. Hopes everyone stays wells at your house now. Seems like all of you has been fixed ups good. I is happys for you alls ...

    Izzi @ From The Sol

  3. We wish your mom a very speedy recovery. Our Grammie has new knees and we know it can be a challenge to get back on your feet so to speak! teehee!

  4. Aww sleepy :) wishing your mummy a seedy recovery ..

  5. Even tho Mommy is not wearing the cone of shame, I think you need to watch her and remind her not to scratch.

  6. Hope your mom is feeling top again soon.


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