27 June 2014

The Return of Smile it's the Weekend

Hello everypawdy it sure is pawsome to be back again.
So much has happened I'm not sure where to begin, but firstly I'd like to say a big woofy Thank You to everypawdy who sent me Get Well Soon messages, it's so wonderful to find out how much love there is, out there in the big wide world.
Although I've not been keeping up with my blog lately I was still posting on my facebook page, here I am trying to sort out which of my many videos to post for you to see.
This is a video of me opening a very special present from Miss Betsy and Miss Nellie, it came all the way from the USA!
They sure have some fabulous treats over there, I especially loved the Soup Bones and the big Ragger, it was so nice to meet (smell) Miss Nellie on it, apparently she had stolen it and wanted to keep it all for herself, but I emailed her this video and she can see her Ragger whenever she wants BOL
The day after I had my stitches out we got to go away in the House on Wheels and had the most pawsome time.
Here I am heading off to the beach with mummy on her bike. 

The waves were pretty big, but I didn't let it stop me having a swim.

One afternoon Aunty Jacks bought my Beloved Cassie to see me for a little while, it was great to see her again and we had a little potter about in the grass. It was far too warm to go charging about, sadly the canal we usually go to was a bit too far to walk to in the time allowed for the short visit, but we still had the bestest time ever.
I hope you all have a pawsome weekend and don't forget anyone can join the link up, full details can be found here if you want to know a bit more about Smile its the Weekend.
Badger Boo's Daft AdventuresBadger Boo's Daft Adventures

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  1. Those look like so many great adventures. So glad to have you back! It makes us smile bigger then it being the weekend!

    1. It's pawsome to be back Hailey, Zaphod and your mummy too xxxx

  2. I'm glad you are back BB!!! We missed you and your blog!! xxx Betsy and Nellie

  3. Nice to have you back. Sounds like you are feeling good too.

  4. looks like you've had lots of fun!!! xx

  5. That's lots to smile about x.

  6. Awww gifts are always awesome and nice to open =) #MySundayPhoto


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