01 May 2021

Mud + Rain = Happy Cocker Spaniels

Lets get another Cocker he said, it'll be fun he said

But seriously don't get a Cocker Spaniel if you haven't got a really good sense of  humour about mud and bad smells
Especially fox poop

Don't get me wrong Cockers are fantastic dogs, but oh my crikey they do love to put your devotion to the test with their love of all things filthy and disgusting 

The most common times they'll find something disgusting to either wallow in or roll in is if you're planning to go somewhere or do something really important straight after their walk
This sixth sense they have will catch you out every single time

Biothane collars from Devil Dood Designs
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If you can handle a mud splattered car both inside and out, walking in all weathers, have a strong stomach and a good sense of humour then a Cocker Spaniel is definitely the dog for you and you'll love every second of their amazingly hilarious characters

Wet suits are from Country Mun 


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