16 July 2021

Why we love the Vidivet App

Approx 18 months ago we saw a post about a start up app that wanted to help pets and were looking for beta testers, we jumped at the chance to trial it and help to work out any gremlins that may be lurking before it was launched

Vidivet has been designed, tested and built by veterinary professionals alongside other volunteers like myself to improve access and affordability to veterinary expertise whenever you need it

Anything you want to know about your pet they're there for you, I've learnt so much more about Boris's rare auto immune problem with his Staph Pseudintermedius Bacteria from Ben our vet at Vidivet who explained it all in a way that was clear and easy for me to understand

Have you ever noticed how dogs have a real knack of becoming unwell or getting injured at the most inconvenient times, which is usually
when your own vet is out of hours

I've lost count over the years of how many times I've gone to the emergency vets to be told something could have waited until the morning. Yes I am that owner, if my one of my boys isn't right I want answers right now, not in a few hours time when our vet opens

Thankfully due to technology I can now speak directly to Ben at Vidivet and together we can make the decision if I really need to head to the emergency vets or if it is actually something that can wait until my own vets opens

This saves me two hour round trip to the emergency vets practice and the cost of seeing said vet out of hours, which let's face it can work out pretty expensive for something that's not an emergency

Late one evening last summer during Lockdown Eko suddenly developed a large swelling above his eye, two days previously he'd been either bitten or stung by something under the same eye, treated with steroids by our own vet and the swelling went down

Due to the lateness of the hour and my concern for Eko I felt he needed to be seen by a vet that night, as any pet owner knows a late night trip to the emergency vet can work out really quite expensive as there's no such thing as NHS for pets in the UK

I contacted Ben at Vidivet to get some advice and show him the swelling, Ben reassured me it wasn't unusual for the swelling to come back up again for a bite or sting, I was told to monitor it and so long as it didn't change Eko would be OK to wait until the morning to see my vet if he still needed too

The next morning we had a follow up consult with Ben and I informed him the swelling had disappeared and that Eko was in fine form again and his eye was looking totally normal

Thanks to Vidivet I saved myself several hundred pounds in out of hours vet fees and a long, stressful drive to get there late at night

✴✴✴ ✴✴✴

Boris now suffers with Arthritis which I'll explain more about in a different post, but after racing around the woods with Eko last Thursday afternoon he went suddenly and quite drastically lame on our walk, so I put him on the lead and we took a slow walk back to the car and Boris's limp didn't reduce

I gave Boris his prescribed pain medication when we arrived home and intended to give him 3 days rest and restricted exercise as that usually sorts his lameness out
Unfortunately we awoke Friday morning to discover Boris was so lame he couldn't put his front paw to the floor, I knew he wasn't seriously injured and had probably just overdone it, but I was concerned for his comfort

I was at my parents house all day where I spend most of my time since my mums stroke, our own vet is local to my house, not my parents house, so I booked a video consult with Ben at Vidivet, Ben set my mind at ease and gave me some advice on Boris's current pain medication to make him feel a lot more comfortable, by the end of the weekend Boris was almost sound again

Yet again Vidivet had saved me a trip to the emergency vet as I was unable to leave my parents house to take Boris to my own vet until the evening carers arrived, which could be any time between 1830 -2030 so it would have meant a trip to the emergency vet because our own vet practice closes at 1830

The money Vidivet has recently saved me has far outweighed the cost of my monthly subscription, for the piece of mind alone it's definitely an app worth having, it's worth every penny to put my mind at rest knowing I can speak to a vet 24/7 for advice and help me decide out if something really is a genuine emergency or just me being an over cautious dog mum

Dawn, Boris & Eko

Authors Note:-  I've not been paid for this review, it's an app I use, love and fully support. 

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  1. Sounds like a good app. I will take a look.

    Aww I always worry that my dog will become ill when the vets are not open.

    My poor little dog has cancer and not very long left, it is so sad :(

    Thanks so much for linking up to The Wednesday Link Up. I hope you can join us again tomorrow for our next parties :) #TheWednesdayLinkUp

    1. So sorry to hear about your dog Claiire such a heartbreaking time, I've find the app most useful especially during out of hours worries, obviously I don't use it as a replacement for my own vet and if something was a genuine emergency my first port of call would always be to my own vet to get immediate treatment. But in the incident where Ekos eye swelled up or the second time I needed the reassurance he wasnt in any danger of his whole face swelling up as he was already on treatment for the original sting or bite. Theres currently a 50% off deal with Vidivet on their Instagram page as a birthday gift if you're interested xxx


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