19 August 2021

Throwback Thursday

On this day 6 years ago the worst thing happened that can happen to any dog owner, I was devastated and it took me several days before I was able to write the hardest post  I've ever written on our social media
I had to inform every body that Badger had passed away in my arms and had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I thought we were prepared, but in truth you're never prepared to lose your very best friend

It hit us really hard, even now I'm struggling to write this post, Badger was the first dog we got as a couple, my first Cocker Spaniel after almost a lifetime of having Rottweilers

He was so different from any dog I'd had previously and because he only weighed 9.5kgs he got away with all sorts of things my other dogs had never been allowed too, he slept on our bed and furniture, he pulled like a train on the lead and suffered with fear aggression after being involved in a nasty incident as a puppy
After several years of love and positive training we eventually got him over his fear aggression towards other dogs and he was once more a jolly little Cocker Spaniel called Badger

It was all these naughty goings on that prompted me to start writing this blog about all his antics and Badger Boo's Daft Adventures was born. We made so many online friends and some have become amazing real life friends too.
Why he became known as Badger Boo instead of just Badger on his social media I can't remember now, but it stuck and people then started referring to him as BB to save writing Badger Boo each time

I decided to take some time off from blogging after Badger passed, but pretty soon a week off turned into a month off, turned into a year off, then several years off with me making the odd post apologising and promising to return

During Lockdown 2020 I started to rediscover my blogging mojo and completly changed Badgers blog in both looks, content and name to include Boris and Eko my two current Cocker Spaniels and wider subjects 

I was doing ok, keeping up with and enjoying blogging again
I was happy to discover several of the blogs I used to follow were still active plus I've discovered several amazing new blogs to follow and started joining in with various blog hops

I think August is always going to be a difficult time for me to post because it's the anniversary of Badgers passing, hence why I've not posted this month until today

Some may think I'm being silly as he was only a dog, but he was our little dog, a big part of our family and a huge character
All of Badgers content is still here and can be found in the Archive for those that are interested enough to take a look

Throwback Thursday is something I join in with every week on our Instagram account, as I was writing my post out it was getting very long, so I opted to blog about it instead, explain where I've been since the 1st August and to tell you all about Badger, plus an explanation as to why over the years I've missed so much time from posting here on this blog 


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  1. Those anniversaries are always tough, we understand. We had 9 kitties and 2 dogs and now we're just 4 kitties. Each loss hit us hard, but mostly the happy memories make our hearts smile. We wish the same for you. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. You're so right, on some score I think social media makes it that much harder to move on because videos and photos are always there and pop up when you least expect them too xxx

  2. Losses are so hard. They embed themselves into our hearts and remain there forever.

    Have a blessed Thankful Thursday. ♥

    1. Thank you and yes they are

      We put ourselves through it with each pet because our lives are so much richer with them in it, I can't imagine what life would be like without my dogs x

  3. We mourn those who have passed from our sight but know they live in our hearts forever. Glad you are back

  4. We're often remembering those we've loved and lost, even when not an anniversary ... they become so much a part of our lives, it just seems the right thing to do, anytime the mood or need comes. Your BB was obviously very special ... but we hope to enjoy getting to know Boris and Eko as we'll visit again. Welcome back ...

  5. I pray for your broken heart, sweet friend,
    while thanking you for popping by ~ My little old world ~.
    Sending blessings from across the Ocean
    Xx Daniela


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