12 September 2021

A Mini Break

Last weekend we finally managed to get a quick overnight trip to East Wittering, it's been two years since we last had a day out at the beach, what with being in lockdown for 2020 because of Covid and my mum having a stroke in April of this year

Boris was so exited when he realised we were packing up to go away in the camper van, he kept zooming around the house, barking and getting in everybodies way, the beach is probably his most favourite place of all time to visit

 Eko on the other hand took it all in his stride and sat watching Boris with a confused look on his face, probably because he's only been away to the beach with us once before, when he was approx a year old for a family reunion with his mum and sister
Eko had great fun that day, as did Boris

We made it to the campsite around lunchtime on the Sunday and got everything set up. Then it was off into the village to see our good friend Jane at Calamity Jane's coffee shop, we've often eat at Jane's as we're always offered a warm welcome and we've got to know each other really well over the years we've been camping at East Wittering

Then it was off to the beach to take a lovely long walk along the flat sand as the tide was out, as it got later we had the beach all to ourselves to watch the sun setting before heading back to the van for the night

It was approximately mid morning by the time we eventually woke up, we spent a couple of hours sitting outside the van enjoying the sunshine and reading whilst the dogs snoozed, we then took them for a lovely walk across the fields 

All too soon it was time to pack up the van and head home ready for Himself to start work again on Tuesday. I'm not sure if we'll get down there again this year as I'm pretty busy looking after my mum at the moment, but it was definitely worth going, even if it was only for 24 hours

I'd got to the point I really struggling and needed some time to myself, looking after a parent isn't easy and I was starting to become so overwhelmed by everything

I've now realised the importance of taking some time off for myself, our little trip to the seaside has certainly helped me feel a lot more relaxed and less stressed out by everything


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  1. Badger and Ecko certainly seemed to have a lot of fun and what a spectacularly well timed photo! That's just brilliant. It can't be easy looking after a parent as well so I can see why you wanted a break.

  2. So glad the little break away helped you to feel better. That sunset photo is absolutely stunning!

  3. A little break makes all the difference.

    That sunset is gorgeous.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  4. Being on the beach always makes everything better. #MySundayPhoto

  5. It sounds like you had a great trip. What a gorgeous photo x

  6. Love that photo it is beautiful. It is lovely getting a little time away, isn't it? Thanks for linking up


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