25 September 2021

Jackanory Part 13 ~ Liberty

I found this old post in my drafts that was never published
I've decided to add it to our Jackanory Stories series as it was written several years ago about Liberty, a lovely elderly girl we fostered for a few weeks until her forever home was found
I assume she's now probably crossed the Rainbow Bridge, as she'd be approx 17 years old by now 
Liberty deserves to be remembered as she was part of our lives

We fell in love with Liberty even though she wasn't with us for long, she arrived a few weeks after Badger Boo had crossed the Rainbow Bridge, we'd decided to try fostering as Boris really missed Badger Boo, but I just wasn't ready to get another full time dog as Badger's loss was still so raw. It was so difficult when it became time to take her back to the kennels, but it was also a happy time as we knew she had her forever home waiting for her

Photo Description:- Liberty a dark brown brindle Boxer cross laying on some grass looking at the camera, her muzzle is very grey and she has very distinguished grey eyebrows

It's tragic that so many dogs are unwanted in this country because people keep churning puppies out without giving a hoot where they end up
It gets me so angry!
Elderly dogs should be in a home that loves them, especially in their twilight years which is why we fostered Liberty for a while

 Elderly dogs don't deserve to be in rescue kennels
No dog does ever! 

Photo Description:- Liberty a dark brown brindle Boxer cross with a grey muzzle sitting next to Boris a black Cocker Spaniel on the patio, both are looking up at the camera and look content

Sometimes the owners die which is so tragic, especially if extended family are unable or unwilling to take them on 

Sometimes people get rid of elderly dogs in favour of a new puppy 
These people are total scumbags!

 Sometimes elderly dogs get genuinely lost on walks as Badger Boo once did briefly, thankfully he was soon found and we were reunited
Until that point I had no idea Badger was almost deaf as well as being blind which caused him to become disorientated, panic and bolt off
 Do please keep a close eye on your Oldies when out on walks, or better still
put them on a longline, Badger Boo wore a longline for every walk after the time we lost him. Elderly dogs can so easily get disorientated and bolt away from you in confusion
Even if they've always had a fantastic recall in the past, panic will over ride any training if the dog can't see or hear you

We'll never know Liberty's full story, but by fostering her it meant that there was another dog that the rescue could help, sadly her kennel didn't stay empty for long before another dog desperately needed it

Video Description:- Liberty enjoying playing a muddy puddle with Boris and his brother Dylan, Liberty has a longline on for safety as we'd only had her a few days

Please consider fostering or adopting an elderly dog, you may only have them for a few months or a couple of years if you're lucky, but think how much happier that dog will be in a nice quiet home relaxing on your sofa, than confused in noisy kennels wondering what the heck happened to those people they'd spent a lifetime loving and trusting, who then disappeared from their lives


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  1. Liberty looks like such a sweetheart and I totally agree, elders need the love and respect they've earned.

  2. What a pretty girl she was. Our last pup we had from puppy to her crossing the rainbow bridge. She was abandoned and I fell in love with her the second I laid eyes on her. We adopted her from our local shelter and spent almost 13 years loving each other. We were there when she crossed the rainbow bridge. We spent her later years making sure she had whatever she needed to make her life easier. She was a precious family member.

    Have a fabulous Thankful weekend. ♥

  3. Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Sunday. ♥

  4. I love older dogs too... all dogs... and your message is so good. People can be discarded as they age too... we all deserve respect and care. I cry when I imagine dogs on the street hungry and hurt, I cry when I think of them sitting in a small kennel at a rescue. There is so much love to give. I mean, what if we paired these dogs with prisoners who must need love, or orphanages?
    Leeanna at not afraid of color

  5. Lovely dog and post. Thanks for joining our blog hop.

  6. Liberty looked such a sweet girl. She loved that big muddy puddle too!


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