05 September 2021

Allotment Flowers

Beautiful Sweet Peas picked from my allotment first thing this morning, the scent is just amazing, I always prefer to put them in a clean jam jar as they never look right in a vase

Sweet Peas are one of my favourite flowers, so many beautiful varieties, my favourites being the purples, pinks and whites as they have the strongest scent. This year we've planted six different varieties down on the allotment, and can't wait to see them all in flower

 We've also planted several Giant Sunflowers, so far so good and they're approx 6 foot tall with good strong stems, I can't wait until they flower, should be good to practice my Macro photography on


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  1. I also love sweet peas - the scent is heavenly #MySundayPhoto

  2. They are so pretty. I love the colours. Sweet Peas do look better in a jam jar than a vase.

  3. Those flowers are beautiful - and yes, there is something about a jam jar that gives them a real country cottage feel!

  4. Super pretty and so colorful.

  5. They are beautiful and so colourful! I love flowers in jam jars, I always save a few for flowers.


  6. They look very pretty, love the colours.

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  7. They are lovely! My mum always used to grow sweetpeas, but she hasn't since I was a child. I agree that a jam jar is definitely the right place for them!

  8. Sweet peas always smell amazing. My mum used to grow them! #mysundayphoto


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