13 July 2023

Happy Boris

Boris is at last weight bearing on his poorly leg but that's only due to adequate pain relief

I drove the boys the short distance to the woods last night so that Boris could have some much needed sniffing and catching up on pe-mails time as we walked the 20 yards or so into the woods

Video Description - Boris the Black Cocker Spaniel slowly ambling down a woodland path on a long flexible lead attached to his harness to prevent him from running around and overdoing it, whilst Eko the Golden Cocker Spaniel is trotting around doing his own thing

It's a fine line between exercise and rest for Boris at the moment, he needs to keep moving or he ceases up but not knowing exactly what he's done to himself his only exercise is a daily change of scenery on the lead rather than walking any distance

Eko tagged along last night as I'd had a busy day at my parents house whilst waiting for the washing machine repair man to arrive

Eko was somewhat confused by such a short walk, but kept himself amused by trotting up and down the path, getting himself tangled up in the brambles and playing hide and seek with me, which I'm sure he much preferred over no walk at all yesterday

Dawn xxx 

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  1. I'm glad to hear some good news for Boris. Take it easy sweet boy.

    1. Thank you, he's still on really restricted exercise for now, but things appear to be improving xxx


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