14 August 2012

Jackanory:- Part Eight

Welcome back to my Jackanory story.

Sorry it has been a while and I left you on a little cliff hanger! If this is your first visit, parts one to seven can be found by putting Jackanory in the search box or going through the archive.

So where were we? 

**settles into a comfy spot and starts to remember**

My Hoomans had just bought a House on Wheels, and were having a massive debate abouts whether or not I would be able to go away with them because of my "issues". I was listening with my paws crossed as I really, really wanted to go.

Eventually it was agreed I could go but I had to be good, no swearing at other dogs allowed.

I had my own special bed set up in the back of the House on Wheels, all my toys, some food packed for me and off we went. After a while we stopped and the air seemed to smell salty, I did't know why but it was pleasant. The hoomans then set up the pitch, that's what it's called when you go Camping.

When that was done we set off to a place called The Beach, I wasn't very impressed I was a Town Dog. It was windy and there was this rough looking lake that made crashing sounds, I didn't really like water then so I just stood and stared at it in shock!

OMP What is that?
 Suddenly the water, which I now know is called the Sea, rushed towards me and I turned tail and ran, no way I was getting my paws wet.

Help! It's gonna get me!
 My people then saw sense and we moved away from the Sea to sit and watch everypawdy else. I was on my bestest behaviour and never swore at any pup, I was quite happy to sit and watch the world go past. This was the first time ever I had felt comfortable near other dogs, although they were a long distance away, mummy kept giving me lots of treats telling me I was a Good Boy. I started to feel quite good about myself and my confidence was growing.

What on earth are those pups doing in the Sea?  Are they mad, it's wet!
 After a little while we went back to the Sea's edge and I decided to be brave and take a few tentative steps into it, I walked out very slowly, not really sure as the Sea was moving all around me, in the end I decided I actually quite liked it and stayed in for quite some time paddling around.

Ooooo I can do this ** puts brave face on**
When I came out of the Sea I was suddenly confronted by a group of dogs!
OMP there was no way I could scare them off by swearing and barking at them there was too many, so I stood my ground teriffied, trembling and hoping they weren't going to hurt me. 

OMP I'm scared! Putting on a brave face and trying to look confident..

They all sniffed my bottom, I really wasn't sure but I let them and then I gave them a sniff and suddenly realised how friendly they all were so we started to play, how happy was I too finally make some friends at last.

Whoot Whoot Look at me mummy, I have some friends aren't I clever...
After a while my new friends went off with their people and I saw some Cocker Spaniels coming towards us, with my new found confidence I trotted over to say hello. I was starting to have a really pawsome time.

Well Hello Ladies...
Can we be friends please?
I had a bit of a game with these two delightful Cocker ladies, and started to fall in love. Please remember this was a long time before I met my Beloved Cassie and we whiled away five minutes or so before parting never to meet again.

Two gorgeous ladies and I was in love...
 By this time I was thoughly enjoying myself and felt so brave I went off to make more friends. It was great fun, I had no idea other dogs could be so friendly and realisd how much of my young life had been wasted just being scared of other dogs.

Come on Mr, chuck the ball for me **large pleading eyes* 
 All too soon it was time to go back to the House on Wheels for our Lunch, but I really didn't want to as there were many more dogs to say hello too.

You can't make me go... I'M STAYING HERE!
This day was a massive turning point in my little life, and after much work and training mummy has turned me into the cute young pup you all know and love today, with many more stories to tell.

To be Continued:-


  1. Well done Badger Boo - a very brave boy. Bet all those pups were pleased to have met you. Apart from your beloved Cassie, do you ever see any of them now?

    1. I don't think so, I meet lots of different dogs everytime we go to East Wittering beach and make lots of new friends.

      I have a Ridgeback friend called Boomer I bump into each year, but we have only been twice so far with Himself having been ill so not seen Boomer this year.

      We have got to know some of the locals who spoil me, especially Jane in Calamity's Tea Shop.

      BB xxx

    2. It sounds a lovely place Badger Boo and I can understand the locals spoiling you

    3. They locals are so nice, a proper village atmosphere xxx

  2. I bet you get so tired after all that play on The Beach. The Boxers still like to try and drink the sea water, silly boys x.

    1. The beach tires me out big time, but its sooo much fun now I've learnt the sea is ok to play in.

      I made the mistake of drinking the sea this day too, gosh that cleaned my insides out pretty quickly oops BOL


  3. Love the blog and photos, Badger Boo!! I especially love the last photo...you look very determined to stay! xxx

    1. I most surely was Nellie/Betsy now I'd finally learnt to play and be sociable I wanted to stay.

      I meet and make new friends everytime we go, its an amazing place to meet other dogs as the space is so massive. So you don't have to get to close if you don't want too.


  4. Well done Badger Boo yous so brave we luvs yous and your adventures so glad yous overcame your doggie phobia xxx

    1. Thank you so much Ms Pupcat really glad to hear you enjoys my adventures xxxxxxxx


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