08 August 2012

The Gallery 109 ~ Sport

The theme for The Galley this week is Sport.
To me sport means one thing "Louis KO King" K1 Fighter.
 (mixed marshal arts) 
Louis is the son of my school friend Denise, I have known him his whole life and followed his sporting career  with much enthusiasm.

Louis is on the right, I can't remember his opponents name...

I took these pictures of him winning his second Professional Fight at Ceasers Palace in March 2010 from the VIP area. It was an amazing night and I lost my voice from all the cheering and screaming.

Ooops Down he goes..
Louis is a local lad from Haslemere, he is ferocious in the cage but outside he is a humble, polite and gentle person always willing to help others.

Louis is everything a good sportsman should be, that is why he is my choice this week.

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  1. Wow, fab pics, Dawn. Pretty tough sport x.

    1. It certainly is.

      I wasn't really into sports but since going to see this fight (my first) I'm now totally addicted, I don't really understand the rules but it's fast and furious, one of Louis fights only lasted 18 seconds. He really is the KO King..


  2. Great action shots! Boxing is such a disciplined sport. I would be nervous if my boys took it up x

    1. Thanks Jenny, I was nervous about going to, but these days training and fighting is strictly regulated. There is risk in any sport.


  3. helloitsgemma08/08/2012, 09:31

    gosh! thats some hard core sport there!

    1. Sure is, Alex Reid was also there that night, got some great pics of him too **swoon**

  4. What fabulous pictures. Something I would like to experience.

    Herding Cats

    1. You really should Nicola, it's a great night out. x


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