06 August 2012

Messing About on the River

My gorgeous Cassie came for a visit with her big brother Mr Darcy and we had fun messing about on the river.

I decided to impress my girl, but had no idea the bank was so high, gosh I got a shock!

We were gatecrashed by a Labrador but luckily she was nice so we let her play with us too, she was a little bit mad but so are we BOL

The most pawsome time was had by us all, mummy took loads of pictures and videos but she is being a bit mean today and I'm not allowed on the pc long enough to write up the whole story, she says my fluffy paws write too slow so I will have to finish it another day. 

Apparently today we is against the clock **shrugs shoulders** but I have put all the photo's in my group which can be found here if you wants to check them out, also a couple of videos but there are loads more to come.

Gotta dash off now to keep "She Who Must Be Obeyed" happy **resigned sigh**

Happy Hopping


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun, great pictures in your group too x

  2. Ooops, down you go. Must be careful in the river x.

    1. I sure did get a shock it was FREEZING Miss Lesley Brrrr, but we had the most pawsome fun...

      BB xxx


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