01 August 2012

Balls, Swimming and Tomatoes

Had the most pawsome adventure in the "House on Wheels" and my hoomans, we went to my favorite beach and guess what?

There was NO rain! 

How pawsome is that, after our last weekend away was plagued with rain.

As usual it was the "Hurry up and wait" scenario, we get there and have to wait ages for the hoomans to get set up **shrugs shoulders and whispers I don't know either** before the fun can begin. 

Come on, I'm BORED!
Then I hear the most wonderful sound, the ice cream van is coming! I know I shouldn't eat ice cream, but have you ever tasted it? It is the most wonderful thing! So I starts whining and sure enough mummy hobbles over and gets me my own 99, for my overseas friends who may know what a 99 is, it's the softest ice cream in a cornet with a chocolate flake **drools at the memory**

**whines urgently** Mummy, mummy it's the ice cream van!!!
The annoying thing is, mummy ALWAYS pinches the chocolate flake, I love chocolate if I gets a chance to eat it, but mummy says it's bad for me **thinking** Hang on a minute, it's not me that's the fat one, that is sooo unfair!

I do get to scoff all the ice cream and the cornet, but just once it would be nice to get the flake too.

Then we were ready to go to the beach and play, yippee.

I'm a happy Spaniel now...
Forgetting my manners and getting overexcited..
This is not funny now, THROW IT!
Vrooom off I go...
Got it, here I come...

The sharp eyed observers among you may have noticed the collar change, that is because my green collar has a tag telling people I'm on holiday with my hoomans mobile numbers in case we should get separated, hopefully ensuring a speedy reunion.

I'm so glad we've finally had a good day on the beach, just a shame the hoomans came back looking like a pair of tomatoes BOL.


  1. Yaaaay! I love it when you post lots of pictures. Looks as though you had a lovely time down by the sea xx

    PS - don't tell Murdoch about the ice cream, he is NOT ALLOWED ANY.

    1. WHAT NO ice cream! That's not very nice Miss Amy...

      I's so glad you liked my pictures, we hads a fantastic time, I lost count of how
      many times Himself threw thay ball away and I brought it back ** thinks** can't let anyone get away with throwing stuff away in the sea.

      BB xxx

  2. Lovely pics....balls & water, the ideal combo according to Woodie. Great holiday by the sound of it!

    1. Thank you Miss Mel, its always nice to get away, had the most pawsome time.

      BB xxx

  3. Gorgeous! Love the video, love the flappy ears :-)
    Shame about the hoomans looking like tomatoes. Hope they're OK now x.

    1. I do have great flappy ears don't I BOL

      BB xxx


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