31 January 2014

Lazy and Fat; I'm Not...

My hoomans often call me lazy these days, in fact the other day mummy accused me of getting FAT!
How rude is that, she really hurt my feelings! **sobs quietly into paws**
Admittedly I don't run about so much these days, I've started to enjoy my food more than in my youth and I like to sleep a lot more now too, but I'm 12 years young, if a pup can't relax at my age when can I?
The ladies still love me, so I don't see a problem, and I still have a fair old turn of speed and can make them pesky squirrels a run for their lives.
 Then mummy mentioned going on a diet, which I thought would be a good thing for her to do as she's **cough cough* how do I put this nicely?
No why should I be nice, she was rude to me **shouts out** SHE'S FAT!
Whereas I'm just a tiny bit chunky, gosh I feel much better for saying that out loud **glances round quickly to see if she's about**

It turns out she meant I was going on a diet, I have no idea what this means for me. I'm not very happy about it, especially if she tries to stop giving me my afternoon chewy.
Somepup may have to post me food supplies through the letterbox to stop me getting hungry, I promise not to nip your fingers like I try too with the postman.

You wouldn't believe the things I have to put up with.

The other night I was having a nice comfy snooze in my favourite spot, dreaming about chasing Stalker Cat and Bunnies.

When suddenly I was awoken by the sound of giggles and that pesky camera going off, I was not best pleased I can tell you, I'd so very nearly caught up to that pesky Stalker Cat.

One day they'll let me sleep in peace **paws crossed**

Hope you all have a pawsome weekend.

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  1. Oh no BB not the diet word. That sucks pal. I suggest chasing some pesky tree rats will get you into shape. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. OMG, Badger Boos ... I thought I was the only ones who was put on diets. My Moms puts me on diets all of the times because the ladies in my class (who is supposed to be my friends) says to my Moms "I can'ts feel ribs on Izzi ... she needs to lose a littles weights"! I growls unders my breaths when I hears thats. Of course you can'ts feels my ribs, I gots lots of furs on thems. But, sure enoughs, the size of my breakfasts and dinners starts to shrinks and I has to go hungrys all the times. Buts, I will tells you a secrets Badger Boos (checking in both directions to make sure no one is around) my Dads sneaks me extra treats all the times and my Moms can't understands why I am not getting skinnys. That's the lifes of an athletes ... has to stay trim and has to be in shapes. I just think of my agilitys as games to plays with my Moms ... and she does toos, but some peoples takes it very seriously. Mom says she wants me skinnies so I won't hurt myself ... well, getting skinnies is no funs and funs is what life is supposed to be abouts for dogs, rights? So throw those big brown eyes up ats your Dads ... they can't resist. Good Lucks, Badger Boos ...

    Izzi @ From The Sol

  3. Oh dear, you are not fat. Try increasing your exercise a bit so you don't have to cut back so much. My senior sister is actually nice and thin and she is also more lazy than she used to be. Make sure you are eating senior food, that is lower in calories. I think you look just fine!

  4. Lady's first dog use to get pleasantly plump in the winter. We looked like we were putting on a little weight when it was too cold to go out, so Lady cut our food back a little and while it sucked, we lived. We think you look great! But what do we know, we are dogs!


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