10 January 2014

Mud Mud Glorious Mud

As much as mummy moans at me for rolling in the Fox's Poopy I'm pretty sure she's glad I'm not like this pup!

But what's to stop me trying it next time I'm out with all the rain and flood water around here at the moment.
Ok maybe not the mud, but how abouts a muddy puddle? That could be fun too!
 **muffled giggles behind paws** 

 Do you think mummy will mind?
I don't care! I'm doing it next time we go out.
She's gonna get a surprise BOL.
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Hope you all have a pawsome weekend.
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  1. OMGs, BOLs ... My Moms would kills me. And lets me warns you that if you does this, you will ends up in the showers likes I dids when I rolled in dog poops. Better thinks this overs Badger Boos ... is it worths it? Hmmmm ... maybe it is. Now you has given me ideas, but we doesn't has anything but snows and ice so I will have to lives vicariouslys through yous ... Go for it's Badger Boos! I am cheerings you on :)

    Izzi @ From the Sol

  2. BB OMD why pay for a Spa Day when you can get it all free? Way to go, Have a fabulous Friday,.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Mom had a dog that used to roll in sheep poo, that was really bad too!

  4. Our Lady would lose her mind if we did that. We hope we have the chance to do it! Lee and Phod

  5. Great dawg! Those are some mud-loving dogs! I am sure you mom will not mind one bit if you take a little dip in the mud puddle.
    Happy Monday,


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