25 March 2012

OMP Busted!!!

Just cos I was unwell yesterday, I got banished to the house whilst the hoomans went out in the sunshine.

How unfair is that?

Well I showed them, I made a huge mess!

I killed my softy football and spread it all about the room BOL

That'll teach them to leave me behind, I don't care if it was only for
an hour, weekends is our time! Not for them to go off without me meeting other people and pups.

I managed ignore them when they first came in but as hoomum got nearer, I thought "OMP I's so busted, I's outta here"

When I came back in, it was good to see hoomum remembered her training and cleared up the mess *muffled giggles behind paws*

Trouble is now my soft football is dead, it has gone in the bin and I's too small to get it out *sob*


  1. I am so glad your humans are trained, otherwise time and energy (spent better elsewhere) would have to be invested in getting them to do a proper job. The good thing is they learn pretty quickly, so tend to keep the place tidy for you. Shame about the soft football, but hope you are feeling much better now.

    1. Hello *waves paw*

      They are pretty good hoomans most of the time, sometimes they forget I's the Boss around here. So need a little reminder every now and again BOL

      Badger Boo xxx


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