29 March 2012

Me, Cassie and Mr Darcy

An afternoon out with my gorgeous girlfriend Cassie, and her big brother Mr Darcy. 
Being Spaniels we love the water, and where better to play than at the canal, I gets a bit over excited and can be a little bit noisy, but only cos I's having so much fun!

I met my beloved Cassie online when our hoomums became friends, as a result we've met up a couple of times for fun and frolics, usually water is involved, although the last time it was torrential rain, not the sort you can swim in BOL.

It's a shame they live so far away, as I would love to be able to see
my Beloved every day *swoon*

Mr Darcy is SuperDog he leaps into the water and shows no fear, I wish I was more like him, so brave and fearless.

Cassie on the other hand is very dainty, sweet and ladylike, she is more than happy to let us boys rough and tumble, sometimes she joins in and other times she watches me with so much love in her eyes, I start to feel very shy *blushes*

We spend many hours jumping in and out of the water, fetching whatever was thrown in. Well Mr Darcy does, I spend a lot of time rushing around and showing off in front of my girl, I'm sure she's impressed with my puppyish behaviour and swimming prowess. 

Hopefully in the Summer, my hoomans will take me up to see Cassie and Mr Darcy at their place as they have the most pawsome beach we can go too!

Sometimes I can be so over keen to impress my Beloved, I don't realise how steep the bank is and I just tipples over into the water!

Wouldn't be so embarrassing if the hoomum's didn't cackle like a pair of witches, making Cassie walk off ashamed of my silliness. I'm sure I wouldn't have looked so silly if hoomum's weren't laughing so much!!!!

But a fantastic afternoon playing in the canal is every Spaniels dream date...


  1. Oh wow! What a fantastic time you had.
    (Shame about the hoomums laughing)

    Thanks for sharing your fun!


    1. Them hoomums can be sooo embarrassing sometimes, mine defo needs more training me thinks!

      Badger Boo xxx


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