30 March 2012

Confuddled Spaniel

I can't reply to the comments left on my posts on my Blog!

I's one very confuddled Spaniel today!

Maybe I should see if I can work out hoomums password.

*thinking* It's not WOOF or BONIO *scratches head in frustraton*

What on earth would a hoomum use as a password?

I's going to have to have a long snooze to think abouts this one, so I be back later.

I still can't post, even as my hoomum!
Does anypawdy know what to do? I can't find it in the help section! *sobbing into paws*

1 comment:

  1. Phewy *wipes brow with paw*

    Looks like the comment problem has cleared itself up.

    I was soo very worried abouts my friends thinking I was a rude Spaniel by not answering them.

    Love you all *waves paw*

    Badger Boo xxx


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