25 March 2012

Oh Dear!!!!

Yesterday was not a good day, I felt most odd!

Didn't want my Breakfast, turned my nose up at a tripe stick then mummy offered one of my favorite chewies, I took it from her then dropped it on the floor, then walked off and snuggled in my bed with my Chunky Monkey cos he is my comfort blankie.

Me and Chunky Monkey
The hoomans were very worried and there was even talk of going to see the "Nasty Vet Man"!
Cos I never, ever turn down a chewy.

I didn't want to see the "Nasty Vet Man" so made a valiant effort to appear well, and wandered around. But they kept looking at me and discussing a visit. 

As there was nothing I could do about the outcome, I decided to go
back to bed and have a snooze, cos I knew they would leave me alone then.

A while later I joined them in the garden, and sitting in the sun started to make me feel so much better.

Supervising the hoomans gardening.

They were busy doing stuff, normally I help with any digging, but I decided supervision was best today as I was still feeling a little tired, and hungry by this stage.

Eventually they finished what they considered important, and mummy gave me some Dinner, but not just any Dinner, it was Rice Pudding!

I love Rice Pudding, I used to have it for my Lunch every day until the "Nasty Vet Man" told mummy to stop giving it to me, cos it was making my teeth yucky. 

OMP I sure have missed it!

I gobbled it all up, and was looking for more, but got told "No" cos more might make me vomit, as not eaten all day. These hoomans have weird ideas! Don't they know we don't have to eat as regularly as they do? 

The Rice Pudding hit the spot, and I was then back to my normal bouncy self, causing chaos in the house.

The good news is, I woke up this morning feeling normal again, gobbled up my Breakfast, and ready for my next Daft Adventure.

I wonder what it will be?


  1. Loving the Badger stories. The Boxers say have some fun for them!

    1. OMP I sure will, once the homans get the house on wheels going for the Summer I will have so much more to tell, not just my adventures but the daft stuff they does too!!!

      Badger xxx


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