30 March 2012

Fox Poop (yuck) ~ I have found the solution!

Fox Poop is thoroughly disgusting, but the sad fact of life is that most of our canine friends find that smell totally intoxicating!!! 

That awful smell just lingers on and on. No matter what you bathe your dog in, there is always the faintest whiff just waiting to catch you unawares!

In our house it has become an almost everyday occurrence with Badger Boo! As you can imagine it is a nightmare to live with (the smell not the dog). I've tried everything, even resorted to washing him with tomato ketchup.

But the smell was there all the time, just lingering on. I was starting to get to the point where he had to be kept on the lead in certain areas to avoid spoiling an otherwise wonderful walk with the hassle of a bath when we got home.

As you can imagine I didn't want to spoil his fun, as I'm a firm believer that "A Dirty Dog is a Happy Dog" but it wasn't good for him to have daily baths or for me for that matter!

I have now found the solution...

It wasn't actually me personally, it was the "Eco Dog Company" they sell a wonderful product called "Fox Poo Shampoo"

To say I was skeptical when I first heard about "Fox Poo Shampoo" is an understatement. Nothing can shift that smell, can it? 

I was at the point where I would try anything, so I checked it out 
and read the blurb. Sounded ok, all natural which is good for Badger Boo, as he has had skin problems with shampoo's in the past. So I placed my order, and 2 days later I came home from work to find a parcel on my doorstep. 

I then had to wait a day or two, I'm sure the little tinker knew something was afoot. But as with all things the inevitable happened... Yep you guessed it, he rolled!!!

We had the usual dance, which is Badger Boo comes upstairs quite happily, then realises it's "Bath Time" and off downstairs he shoots... I learnt a long time ago there is no point calling him, so back downstairs I go and put the lead on him, and up we go again. Then into the bath he goes, once in there he is pretty good.

At least it's nice and warm mummy..

I had already read the instructions prior to this moment in time, so set about getting Badger Boo nice and wet.Somewhere between reading the instructions and knowing I needed a lot of his old shampoo, I got confused and I liberally applied the "Fox Poo Shampoo" from head to tail, and started to massage it in. Amazed at how many bubbles there were, and realised I had applied a bit too much *oops*. Worked it in, making sure I gave his neck and ears extra attention, as that is where he always gets it worse, and kept giving him a sniff. Amazingly within seconds of starting to massage the smell was gone, but I kept going out of habit and Badger Boo loves a good ear rub.

Check out those bubbles in the bath!!!

I rinsed him off and we were ready to go for the most entertaining bit of Badger Boo's bath time, getting him dry. This involves laying some towels in the garden, and letting him do his own thing for 3 or 4 mins as he always has a funny 5 mins after his bath, then I use a towel and then blow dry him.

Badger Boo was going so potty after his bath I couldn't get a decent shot, so these ones in the garden were taken last Summer, but you will see what I mean lol...

Gotta get my neck dry...

Mummy, you got water in my ears!!!!

Gotta bunch the towel up for the best drying action...

Va Va Voom BOL

All done now where's my chewy???

I can honestly say this is the best Shampoo I have come across. It does exactly what it says on the bottle and being all natural is a massive plus for me. The price is very reasonable too, if you don't overdo it like I did lol. It smells great and I'm sure Badger Boo is pleased it doesn't smell flowery. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the smell, but on his walk today Badger Boo didn't feel the need to hunt out and roll in something smelly, which is something he loves to do after a bath, as I'm sure he hates the smell of normal Dog Shampoo's..
Time will tell on that score...

So pop over to "Eco Dog Company" http://www.ecodogcompany.com/fox-poo-kit.html and check them out, so glad I did.

Eco Dog Company

One of the best decisions I've ever made!!!


  1. Wet dog alert! You wouldn't catch the Boxers in the bath!

    I see the Brazilian Kippy Marrie likes your blog too.


    1. It must be a Spaniel thing Miss Lesley BOL

      BB xxx

  2. Stinky Badger! This made me laugh a lot and reminded me of this post from my blog.



    1. Yep he certainly is a Stinky Badger a lot of the time, but we still love him.

      At least I can cuddle him after a bath now, without saying "I can still smell it you know" lol

      This stuff is amazing Amy!

      Dawn xxx

    2. Now that's not nice you two, I am not a "Stinky Badger" I am a very cute Spaniel in a constant battle to smell good!!!

      BB xxx

  3. Anonymous07 June, 2012

    If you believe that "a dirty dog is a happy dog," but say that "so many baths are also bad for him," isn't the obvious solution to just leave the fox poo on him? No baths, and a dirty dog. It can't be that bad, can it?

    1. I stand by that statement Anonymous "A Dirty Dog is a Happy Dog" and too many baths are not good as dogs need the natural oils in their coats.

      It's a shame you didn't leave your name, seems rude to call you Anonymous.

      If Badger comes home covered in mud then no problem, a quick brush and it's gone, but fox's fecal matter is a totally different matter.

      Fox's are not wormed, therefore the fecal matter contains worm eggs, both Round Worm and Tape Worm which can be ingested by both the domestic dog and humans.

      Children and domestic animals are at risk of ingesting the eggs after coming into contact with the fecal matter of infected wild foxes. Plus it smells really, really bad!!!

      I hope that answers your question..

      {{ }} Information below obtained from Wikipedia

      {{ Echinococcus multilocularis is a cyclophyllid tapeworm that, along with some other members of the Echinococcus genus (especially E. granulosus), produces the disease known as echinococcosis in certain terrestrial mammals, including wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes, domestic dogs and humans. Unlike E. granulosus, E. multilocularis produces many small cysts (also referred to as locules) that spread throughout the internal organs of the infected animal and results in a heavy infestation of tapeworms.}}

  4. what a great result...fox poo smells bloody awful doesn't it even on a beloved dog. Will remember the shampoo tip for other smelly canine friends

    1. Mel, it really is good stuff.

      Now, I'm not sure whether it is to do with the masculine non chemical smell of the shampoo or a sign from above, but fingers crossed he's not rolled in it for about 4 weeks.

      Jinxed things now, he will probably roll tomorrow lol

      D xxx

    2. Too right you've jinxed it.

      I know exactly where I'm heading tomorrow BOL

      BB xxx

  5. Anonymous08 June, 2012

    Hey Dawn it's Aimee. This is so funny, I was in the store last week buying dog food and I seen this and immediately thought of Badger Boo. I meant to come home and tell you about it (I forgot :(. Im so glad ou found it

    1. I hope you got yourself some in case Max takes a liking lol.

      D xxx

    2. *giggles* How nice you thinks of me out shopping Miss Aimee. *barks loudly* Run Max, there may be plans afoot to bath you!!!

      BB xxx


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