15 April 2012

Jackanory:- Part One

Once upon a time I was a cute puppy with no name. I had a mummy that looked like me, and 7 brothers and sisters, some were Blue Roan and some were Orange Roan...

We lived a happy care free life, playing rough and tumble, meeting these strange things called hoomans who came to pick us up for cuddles and make strange cooing noises.

I used to love meeting these hoomans, until one day a lady and man came to see us all and I fell in love with the lady. But she didn't notice me, she kept looking at and cuddling my orange brothers.

Little Me at 9 weeks old
I had to work really hard pulling on her trousers to get her to notice me!

It worked she picked me up, I was so pleased. She then turned me on my back and I just lay there grinning at her, she looked at my teeth which I wasn't keen on, but I let her see my pearly whites. She then put me on the floor, I thought I had missed my chance for more cuddles, but no, she ran her hands all over me, looked in my ears and ruffled my fur up, when I was sitting nice and calmly, she made a massive bang with her hands, I had seen it frighten my brother so I sat stock still being brave. I wanted to do everything right, cos I really liked her.

Next thing I knew I was being carried away from my milk mummy out into the big wide world!

It was scary I'd never been on my own before, we went in a box on wheels and I dribbled a lot, but luckily it wasn't for too long.

When I was carried into the ladies house I go the fright of my life.
 Looking at me was the worlds biggest dog I had ever seen, she looked very strange to my young eyes as she only had only 3 legs!

My GIANT new mummy  "Meegan"
She sniffed me gently and told me not to worry, she was my new teacher mummy. I wasn't too sure about her, cos when she licked my face, her tongue wrapped round my head and I thought I was going to suffocate!

When I was put on the floor, I looked up and up at her, it made me feel dizzy she was so huge. But my milk mummy had taught me to have nice manners, so I felt I could trust this big giant dog when she started to play bow and wanted me to play, suddenly she galloped off round the room scaring me, so I dashed off and took cover under the big long chair the hoomans was sitting on in case I got squashed...

To be continued:-


  1. Great back links in this post - works really well so I can keep up :-)

    I love your descriptions in Badger Boo language x.

    1. *puffs out chest in pride*

      Thank you Miss Lesley, you opinion means a lot to this little pup.

      *kisses paws and blows a puppy love kiss over to Lesley*

      Badger Boo xxx

    2. Thanks Lesley

      Took on board what you said to make it easier to follow.

      Not everyone has been with Badger since the start of his "Media Life" so thought I would get him to tell the story of his early years for his newer fans.

      Dawn xxx

  2. Oh Badger. You've always been a cutie x

    1. *blushes* Why thank you Miss Amy <3

      BB xxx

  3. Badger Boo you are gorgeous and it is really great to read your history. Excellent blogging skills - your hoomans must be great teachers. Have fun.

  4. Why thank you Miss Jill *blushes* I's learning a little more each day *muffled giggles behind paws*

    My little furry paws have been working away on Part 2 today *slipping and sliding wet muddy paws on keyboard*

    BB xxx

  5. Awww hello. And hugs from my Tara and Billy. Nice to meet you and look forward to reading more. x

  6. Yay - another canine getting to the keyboard and telling us their story ... I'll be reading more once I've got through all the other posts on #AnimalTales.

  7. The Mother says - oooh am very excited about the next instalment and what a lovely way to tell a puppy's story.
    Ash the Dog says - Very nice to meet you lil' dude. I hope to catch up with you very soon. Paw-5's :) #animaltales


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