26 April 2012

Jackanory:- Part Three

Now where did I get too in my little Jackanory Story?

Oh yes I remembers, me and my new mummy Meegan were living the good life. But then...

I got taken to see a Vet man, I had been once before with my family, but that was a lady and she was very nice to us. This one wasn't, he looked at my teeth, eyes, ears, then worst of all he put something up my bum! I wiggled like mad, I didn't like that one bit!! After that he put a cold round thing on my chest which was stuck in his ears, and then he told my hoomum I was healthy with a good heart. 

My hoomum was very relieved, as she had brought a Rottweiler puppy several months previously called Samson, that had a very bad heart murmur, and she had to take him back to his breeder. But that is another story for another day.
Lots of cuddles from the Vet and my hooman, I was relieved as I thought my awful ordeal was finally over. 

How wrong I was! 

He then stuck me with a sharp pointy thing and boy did it sting, I yelped to make sure he knew about it, and got a lovely rub on my shoulders and it felt lots better. He then left the room, hoomum picked me up and gave me a cuddle. Then to my horror he came back with an even bigger sharp pointy thing, and stuck that in my back too! By this time I was whimpering like crazy, and decided he was the nastiest, meanest hooman I had ever met in my short life! He then waved a magic wand over me and I went beep. OMP what was that all abouts? Hoomum said it was called a microchip in case I ever got lost or stolen, so I would be able to find my way home again.

After that, I spent a few days learning that I had to tinkle outdoors not inside, apparently hoomans find that most unpleasant.

Then I had to learn about a collar and lead, what an awful shock that was! Having this thing round my neck that I couldn't get away from. Took me a few days to get used to it, cos it itched like mad and was very heavy, cos it had a little metal bone on it that I couldn't reach to chew off. 

Meegan said there was no point fighting it, you have to wear a collar and tag if you wants to live with hoomans, so in the end I gots used to it. In fact I never notices it now, and I have 2 tags. I still has the little bone, but now I has a special Help for Heroes tag too, I'm very proud of that one.

My special "Help for Heroes" tag whilst having ear rubbies

A few days later the lead was attached, it was so scary! I had no freedom, I pulled, struggled, wiggled and rolled over, but it never came off. In the end I realised if I didn't struggle, it went loose and was nothing to be scared of.

I had yet to learn to walk with the dreaded collar and lead, but I didn't know that at the time. I just thought I was very clever for figuring out not to fight it.

To be continued:-


  1. Oh Badger, you are funny. How lucky you were to have Meegan to guide you through puppyhood x.

    1. I think I's a very lucky puppy too.

      I has 2 of the most well trained homans, who cater to my every whim and want BOL

      Meegan was so very good to me, we were the bestest friends, I sure did miss her when she travelled to "The Rainbow Bridge" without me. I was only 7 months old, but she gave me the most pawsome of educations.

      I had a few blips along the way on my own, which I will get to in my Jackanory Story, but I overcame them to be the well adjusted pup I am now.

      *shoves paw in mouth* OMP I have said too much, mustn't give the story away.

      BB xxx

    2. I've just been browsing you lovely gallery, you have had some great adventures!

      Lesley x.

    3. *jumps for joy* So glad you was able to see some more of my pawsome piccies,

      I sure does love being in front of the camera.

      BB xxx

  2. Awwww...it sounds as though you had a trying day, but look how well you turned out!!!! The vet isn't so mean after all! LOL!!!

    1. Yes Nellie it sure was the most trying of days, never really trusted the Vet person since then.

      It's not often the do anything nice to me, mostly just stick me with sharp pointy things.

      BB xxx


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