21 April 2012

Hurty Paw :o(

Last night I started to limp a little bit, cos my front paw was feeling a bit ouchie. I don't know what I's done to it, but it really is very hurty!!!

 I was trying be very brave and hide it from hoomum, cos she has a horrid habit of taking me to see the "Nasty Vet Man" abouts the slightest thing.

Sad Dog With A Broken Leg Clip Art

It didn't work!!! 
She spotted I was limping and wanted to have a look at it, I was
 having none of it, so hid under the table *she can't reach me there*. 

She then did the most underhand thing, and got my squeaky ball out to play with. When your a ball obsessed dog it is the hardest thing to resist! So I came out and went to play, she then grabbed hold of me *very gently*.

There I was on hoomums lap, Himself was next to us and she started to look at my little hurty paw. I whimpered a lot to get her to leave it alone, but she ignored me.

I then did the most naughty of things, I nipped my hoomum *hangs head in shame* I didn't mean too but I wanted her to stop!

She got the message though, and let me go.

 I was off as fast as I could hop and away from her, I know you should never, ever touch a hooman with your teeth and I thought I was in BIG trouble!!! 

But no, she was trying to coax me with a chewie, I think she was sad she had made me act in such a bad way by ignoring my requests to be left alone. 

After much talk, hoomans decided to leave me to sleep it off and see what I was feeling like in the morning.

This morning my paw is so very badly hurty, I had to be carried down the stairs *I'm rubbish at hopping and kept falling over* as she didn't want me to fall down the stairs and hurt myself even more.

We's off to see the "Nasty Vet Man" now for an emergency appointment.

Paws crossed it's nothing serious, but I's not been allowed any breakfast in case it is *trembles in fear* she like to be prepared my hoomum.


  1. Hope you get on OK at the vet's - spent a bit of time there recently with our cat Jazz, so know how you feel - he told me every few seconds! Good luck.

    1. Rest assured I've made sure the hoomans know my displeasure Jill.

      I has a nasty infection in my hurty paw and it's very fat, so have to take some nasty medicine. Lots of pink elephants floating round the room now, not sure why they have come to visit!

      BB xxx

    2. Thanks Jill, it is such a worry when our beloved animals are so unwell, hopefully he will be feeling a lot better when he wakes up as sparked out at the moment.

      D xxx

  2. Oh, Badger Boo! What have you done?

    I hate it when one of the Boxers has an ouchie, makes human very sad too

    Lesley and the Boxers xx

    1. I has a little crack in my paw and now it's got a nasty infection *sob*

      When I saw the Vet she stuck me with x2 sharp things, as if I didn't feel poorly enough, she does that too me!!!

      Made sure I gave her a piece of my mind, then she tried to bribe me with a low quality biscuit, turned my nose up at that!!!

      How dare she think we can be friends after making my ouchie paw hurt even more, and then jabbing me in the shoulders with sharp things!!!

      *shakes head at stupidity of some hoomans*

      BB xxx

  3. Badger has a nasty infection in his front paw.

    Appears he has a hairline crack in a nail and infection has got in.

    He's had painkilling and antibiotic injections and is a little more comfortable now...

    Back to the vets on Weds to see if antibiotics are working, if not he will need an operation to remove the nail and release the infection.

    Fingers crossed it won't come to that, thank you for you kind wishes.

    D xxx

    1. I just shudder at the thought of my boys being injured. But as Jill said, Jazz has made a good recovery, hopefully Badger Boo will be right as rain before Wednesday.

      Lesley x.

    2. I have every faith in the vet, but it is horrid when they are unwell.

      An operation is the very last resort!!! As Badger had some massive problems with the anesthetic when he had a lump removed from his back 3 years ago, and I lost 2 of my Rotties under anesthetic many years ago, although things have moved on a lot since then..

      Fingers crossed the antibiotics are all that will be required, and he will be his bouncy self soon enough..

      Seems weird with him just sparked out on the sofa asleep at this time of the day, but sleep is the best healer and stops him moving about too much..

      D xxx


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