07 April 2012

Twas the Day Before Christmas

This is one of my Daft Adventures copied from my facepoop group

I know it's April, but was looking through the posts and thought "Why not, I'm Dog I can do what I like" BOL

I can see something shiney way up there on the bookshelf *thinking* ummm what can it be??? 

*climbs onto back of the sofa for a better look* 

Gosh how I wishes I was lots taller *puts front feet onto shelf and stretches sniff sniff*

OMP I can smell the intoxicating scent of my Cassie, but all I can see is a shiny parcel just out of my reach, what can it's be?

Why has hoomum put it so high? Why can I smell my Cassie

All these questions and no hoomans aro>>>>>>> WWOOOHHHA 

*slips off back of sofa pulling loads of books down* 

OMP that was lucky, I fell onto cushions and not down the back 

of sofa!!!! 

How could hoomum be so silly, to put something from the love of my life so far out of my reach!!!!

Will be showing my disaproval by chewing some of these book things today... Hurumphf


  1. Replies
    1. Cassie is my gorgeous girlfriend *blushes* check out my post "Me, Cassie and Mr Darcy"...

      I forgets my buddies in Blog World haven't been with me for last few yearson facepoop.

      Sorry *kisses paw and blows kiss*

      Badger Boo

  2. It's amazing how glasses can make the world seem 'different' I had mega problems before I got mine - yours are pretty smart. And, as Lesley, said, who is Cassie? Hope you have a good week.

    1. I rather lIles them too, my buddy Hunter added them for me cos my eyes are pretty bad now :0(

      But wearing my doggles means I can keep on being a Media Hound spreading love and wise words *thinking* well maybe not wise words but daft ones *muffled giggles behind paws...

      Hopes you has a good week too.

      Badger Boo xxx

      *runs back to post in a panic*I forgets to tell you Cassie is my beautiful girlfriend you can see her on my "Me,Cassie and Mr DArcy post x

  3. Hiya just figured out how to add the links to stories...

    Should make them easier to follow if you don't know the Boo Boo Mans history..

    Dawn xxx

    1. Indeed, links are cool. And we get to read all your stories. x

    2. Still learning Lesley, but I think we are starting to get there lol

      Dawn xxx


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