06 April 2012

He Just Won't Learn!!!

I love my stuffed toys equally, but when Daddy gets involved I gets confuddled!!!

Do I want the Cat or the Dog?

OMP how can I decide? I'm only a cutie Spaniel after all.

What I should do is walk off and leave him to it. 

Lets face it I do have sooo many pawtastic toys, but here is the problem!  

I don't want Daddy to play with my toys! 

They are mine, not for hoomans to play with. 

Mummy understands this fact, she'll throw them for me, but never actually plays with them unlike Daddy. 

He needs more training I'm afraid!

Note to Self:- After Easter I'm going to send him off to Dog Borstal and get Mick Martin to sort him out for me.

Hoomans need to be properly trained, to get the best from us pups!!!


  1. Love your videos!

    He's still such a puppy. Poor cat and dog stuffed toys - I think they're both going to get it :D

    Lesley x.

    1. In the next video one of them does, but for some reason it won't load on here, think it might be too big :o(

      Dawn xxx

  2. Ur just like me i always want the other one ....loves u Badger xxxxx :o< Cassie <3

    1. It's Cassie's mummy *charges round room barking and slipping over*

      *kisses paw and blows kiss* It's so pawsome to here you here, my beautiful Cassie too.

      *swoons* I loves Cassie too <3<3<3

      Badger Boo xxxx


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